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GUEST Review Submission Policy

This site embraces all genres of books. In order to serve the wider web community of readers, I'm happy to accept guest posts reviewing books you've read (you must have actually read and finished the book!).  Please read and adhere to the following policy when you make a submission.

1 - Review submissions are accepted in any genre.

2 - Reviews should be between 400 - 800 words. Please don't submit anything outside this range.

3 - Reviews are subject to editing by me. If I have questions about your review or specifics of the plot/characters, I'll contact you.

4 - If you have photos that you feel are appropriate to go with your review, you're welcome to attach them and I'll use them if I can.

5 - Submissions are subject to my publication schedule. If your submission is accepted, I'll notify you prior to publication.

6 - Please use appropriate language.

7 - I retain the right to decline to use any review for any reason.

I encourage you to spread your wings and share your opinion on books you love (or weren't for you - but in a nice way). The whole reading community benefits when we share what we think about books.

Submit a Book for my Review

Thank you for considering submitting a book to me for review.  In addition to my blog, I have an Instagram account, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest presence. I use all social media to promote my book reviews. If you would like to submit a book, please note the following criteria.

Bookshelf Journeys will accept books for review in the following genres:  Mystery, Thriller, Legal Drama/Mystery, Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Multicultural or Racially themed, Historical Fiction, Memoir, some Biography/Autobiography, books featuring animals (but no animal violence), Fantasy, Dystopian, and Adventure/Travel.

I will NOT review books in Romance, Sci-Fi, History, Political fiction or Nonfiction, Poetry, Self-Help, or Nonfiction.

Please submit a synopsis of the book with your review request - often a title/author is not enough information to determine if I can actually read it and provide a review. I try to focus my reviews not on recapping the plot, but in giving feedback on the writing style, characters or pacing of the writing and the feeling I have on completing the book.  

I will always provide an honest review. There's a possibility I might not love the book, but not every book can be for every reader. My review is only my opinion and will be accompanied by that disclaimer.

I can accept books in ebook (Kindle) or paper book form; PDFs don't always translate well. Reviews will be published on my blog, Goodreads and Instagram at a minimum.  I'll also link to any author sites or social media.

Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for the review to appear.


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