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Top 10 Tuesday: New-To-Me Authors from 2022

A new Tuesday, a new prompt for Top 10 Tuesday. This week the prompt is new-to-me authors in 2022. I try to read new authors, debut authors frequently to expand my reading experience, but I have no idea if I tried 10 or more last year. I'll learn right alongside you. (see my totals at the end)

Thanks to Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting another week of Top Ten Tuesday. I enjoy participating each week for a couple reasons. I'm a compulsive list maker and love a good list. And, I love a connection with other readers as I wander their book blogs. Here are my new-to-me authors (all debut authors), alphabetically. Links to my review.

Sara Nisha Adams, The Reading List

Debut. This is a perfect example of why I pick up new authors - this is a first book and is one of my top 10 from last year. An outstanding book.

Review here

Erin Bledsoe, The Forty Elephants

Debut. Based on true historical fiction

Review here

Amy Jo Burns, Shiner

Debut. Another of my top 2022 reads; young woman growing up in Appalachia in the moonshine business.

Review here

Wiley Cash, A Land More Kind Than Home

Debut. Another well written, heartbreaking story set in Appalachia about brothers growing up and a manipulative preacher comes to town.

Review here

Alison Fairbrother, The Catch

Debut. An interesting family study of a story about a young woman who doesn't get the inheritance she expects when her dad dies, and so goes on the hunt to figure out why.

Review here

Bonnie Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry

Debut. I suspect this will show up on a lot of 'new author' lists since it was her debut AND it was such a popular read.

Review here

Heather Gudenkauf, The Weight of Silence

Debut. I hadn't read anything by her and this is her debut though she's written more since then. It was nominated for an Edgar.

Review here

Eowyn Ivey, The Snow Child

Debut. I delayed and delayed on this book and after reading it, was sorry it took me so long. Delightful.

Review here

Stephanie Kallos, Broken For You

Debut. Set in Seattle, an older woman and a young woman become found family over separate tragedies.

Brian Panowich, Bull Mountain

Debut. A really good book about law-abiding brother clashing with criminal brother in small town Georgia.

Review here

There are a few other notable debut authors I read in 2022 - and you'll recognize them also because they are such popular, well received (and GOOD!) books.

Review Review Review Review

So of the 147 books I read, 19 were debut novels (some the debut of authors I'd already read some of their later work, some DNF). Of the 147 books, there were a total of 74 new-to-me-authors in general (counting debuts), just over half of the books. I hadn't ever thought of it or looked at it that way - and I'm happy with that ratio!

Do you read many debut authors or do you tend to stay with familiar authors? Do you seek out new authors in your preferred genres?

I think this will be another week that will cause my TBR to grow (and grow). I can't wait to see what your favorite new-to-you authors of the year are. Here's to all of us reading lots of good books in 2023.

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