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Top 10 Tuesday FREEBIE: TEN things to get to know me

A new Tuesday, a new prompt for Top 10 Tuesday. This week the prompt is a non-book FREEBIE - and of the ideas suggested, I decided to share 10 things about me you may, or may not, know.

Thanks to Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting another week of Top Ten Tuesday. I enjoy participating each week for a couple reasons. I'm a compulsive list maker and love a good list. And, I love a connection with other readers as I wander their book blogs.

I love to travel and have had the good fortune to travel all over the world - I'll share my top 5 locales. Then, I actually do other stuff besides read, so thought I'd share a few of my hobbies. I'd call myself a perpetual amateur. :)

TRAVELS - Faves in no particular order, because I actually CANNOT choose!

My husband (Dan) and I both love architecture and gardens so tend to travel to places where we'll see something new in one or both of those categories.


Ming tombs, Beijing

Me climbing the steps to the Great Wall (it was exhausting) and Dan in Lingering Gardens, Suzhou, China


This was on our bucket list for a long time before we finally went. It's a very walkable, gorgeous-architecture city with very friendly people.

A typical street corner with parked bikes, a bridge over a canal, and tilted buildings. The Zuiderkerk Church in old town is around the corner from the apartment we stayed in and was visible from FAR away so always guided us home.


Closer to home, we loved our week at Whistler even though we aren't skiiers. It was definitely a nature-forward trip!

A wandering hike along the Cheakamus river led us to this surprise discovery - a large beach filled with cairns of all sizes.

Shannon Falls and Cheakamus river hike


We spent a week and I need another couple more! For some reason we had kind of avoided Paris until we finally went with friends and I couldn't get enough or see enough. I hope we get to return.

Random Parisian hotel down random street.

Paris, the city of love, right? And of architecture and gardens - this is the Tuileries gardens in Oct.


We were only there for a couple days on a layover to Europe, but it was magical.

The city seen from the top of this church that dominates the skyline, Hallgrimskirkja.

The powerful, awe-inspiring Gullfoss Falls!

Thingvellir Park is notable for many things:

the original Governor's house

the oldest church in Iceland

the place where the European and N American tectonic plates meet

this wonderful waterfall!

Fave places without photos - taken back in the day of negatives cameras that don't scan well :(

BARCELONA - We've been a couple times because .... the architecture. I'm a huge Antonio Gaudi fan and we were entranced with his buildings.

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND - This is the first international trip we took with our boys so will always bring fond memories of our experiences.


About 10 years ago I discovered Urban Sketchers, a nonprofit group that promotes sketching in any medium and in any place, as long as it's drawn in person, not from a photo. I struggled mightily with perspective for years till I took a class from local sketcher and architectural artist, Stephanie Bower. Aha! It suddenly made sense!

Dan's boyhood home & barn, Rockfield, IN

A page from my sketchbook; Stockholm

I love needlecraft and over the years have knit and cross stitched and since January have been relearning how to crochet. Currently I'm taking apart a throw that I ended up not liking, so I'm going to redo it! (not the one pictured; that's a keeper)

A couple years ago I expanded from watercolor to acrylic painting - WHAT a difference a paint makes! :) More abstract experimenting with acrylics, but some attempts at loose florals and landscapes as well - nothing from life. I love playing with collage too and have stacks of found papers and old books to tear up and use.

Last, but certainly not least, I love playing games with the family. We are HUGE games players and from the time the boys were little family game nights have been a pleasure (well, maybe not during some of those challenging teen years!). We still love a good family poker game!

Last 4th of July family croquet tournament! :)

Hope you enjoyed the insights into me and my interests. It feels a little self centered sometimes to post all about me, but I love sharing my travel pics when I can - such good memories and maybe they'll inspire wanderlust in someone else. Now I'm eagerly off to learn more about my fellow bloggers!

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