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Top 10 Tuesday: Books Set in Places I've Visited

This week's prompt is to share books I read on a vacation and where I was at the time. I DO read a lot on vacation, but don't keep track of what I read specifically on which trip. So I took some creative license. This fun weekly gathering of readers and bloggers is hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. I enjoy participating each week for a couple reasons. I'm a compulsive list maker and love a good list. And, I love a connection with other readers as I wander their book blogs.

So, my little twist. Here's a list of books that take place in places I've visited! Here goes.


The Paris Wife is a well known book about Hemingway and his wife in Paris AND a lesser known book, The Forger, that was quite good about an art forger saving art from the Nazis. (visited Paris)


The story of the artist Klimt and his Jewish lover and her relative who tries to save his paintings from rising Naziism. Read in 2020. (visited Salzburg)

Reviewed here


Girl With a Pearl Earring is yet another book about a painter, the famous Dutch painter Vermeer, and his inspiration / muse for this painting. Read this back in 2001. (visited Amsterdam)


The Secret River is not a buzzed about book but is excellent about an Englishman criminal sent to Australia (read in 2016) and I just had to include Force of Nature by Jane Harper who writes great books set in Australia (read in 2018). (visited Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)


Mexican Gothic is one of those buzzed about books I avoided for some reason but when I finally read it, I really enjoyed it. Read it in 2021. (visited many cities and going back to Puerto Vallarta next week!)


Four Seasons in Rome is a memoir about raising toddler twins in Rome for a year while he had a writing grant. Read in 2020. (visited Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, etc.)

Could also have included the series set in the Vatican by Dan Brown, Angels and Demons.


I really enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind, a book about books set in Barcelona, maybe my favorite city to visit. Read this in 2005. (visited Barcelona)


A Killer's Wife is a good legal thriller, one of the best Amazon First Reads I've picked. Read in 2021. (lived in Las Vegas)


The Woman in the Window is a thriller that sounds like that Jimmy Stewart movie plot, Rear Window, but it's definitely different. Read this in 2020. (visited NYC)

Reviewed here


Michelle Obama's autobiography, Becoming, was an enlightening read and touches on two cities I've visited. Read this in 2019. (visited both Chicago and DC)

Reviewed here

And there you have it - a world tour of some of the fabulous places I've been lucky enough to visit. And I'm absolutely positive I read multiple books during each of these trips, so that counts, right? Now I'm eager to visit other blogs and see what books you read on vacation (or where you've been, even if it's on the page).

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