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10 Books I Was Excited to Buy But Still Haven't Read!

Jana at That Artsy Reading Girl hosts a fave place for list-loving readers to share their take on weekly prompts. This week's Top Ten Tuesday's prompt was a bit eye-opening for me..... Looking back over my bookshelves and seeing some books languishing there that I was SO eager to read. Why are they still on the shelf????

Here's a look at the books that are hanging out on my shelves for some bizarre reason but I still think "OOOhhh, THAT one, I need to read THAT one", and then...... I don't. Hmmmm. When I looked up how long these books have been sitting on the shelf, I was surprised! I think it's time to give them some love!

Do you regularly buy books? Are you inclined to buy the shiny new book/author, or are you a thrift store shopper and just pick up books that look intriguing? That's me. Some of these on the list are from familiar authors, and are a strong bet, but many are from new-to-me authors and I'm eager to read them. So why haven't I?

Dark Matter - I think I keep putting it off because of the expected sci-fi complexity. My sister said she loved the book though she didn't understand it all. But, the buzz....... I WILL read it. (on my bookshelf since 7/20)

Sometimes I Lie - Although I haven't read any Feeney yet, I keep seeing her

name on various 'must read' lists and I own 2 of her books. Guess I should read

one and see what the hubbub is about. (on my bookshelf since 11/19)

Firefly Lane #1 - I've read several Hannah books and liked every one. So why is this still on my shelf? I'm not sure. (on my bookshelf since 3/18)

Orphan X - To be honest, I didn't really even remember what this book is about. The blurb describes it as a "masterful thriller" with a man secretly helping others who have nowhere to turn, until someone starts coming after him. By the description this book is right up my alley, and yet I haven't picked it up yet. It's past time. (on my bookshelf since 3/19)

Iron Lake #1 - an award winning novel, I picked this up after reading a couple others by him that I enjoyed. I guess I'm waiting to start this series until I finish Louise Penny's so that I don't have competing series in my head. (on my bookshelf since 11/19)

The Beekeeper's Apprentice - a Sherlock Holmes story with his ward Mary

Russell. Another one that I was excited to read, but got over shadowed by

other books. (on my bookshelf since 6/18)

The Breakdown - This is another one picked up because of the author's name even though I haven't read anything by her yet. It's a thriller and I'll be reading it soon. (on my bookshelf since 3/19)

Salt Lane #1 - Again, every time I pass this title on my shelf or TBR list, I think, 'oh

yeah, THAT one', and then my eyes move on. The cover makes it look like a bleak,

grim story and the paperback is heavy (though only 450 pages), so maybe I

just haven't been in the mood? (on my bookshelf since 8/20)

Child 44 #1 - EVERY time I see this on my shelf I almost pick it up. When I bought it, I remember being so eager to read it (along with the 20 other books I got that day from a used book store). The blurb makes it sound a little like a big brother type story...... (on my bookshelf since 3/19)

The Boy From the Woods #1 - All these series beginners! How do I choose which

series to begin? I'm a long time Coben fan and bought this book eager to read it,

and it has even made it from the bookshelf to my nightstand, only to continue

the wait. (on my bookshelf since 12/20)

So there you have it - my collection of 10 books that started off as hot new books that I just HAD to read, and are still on my shelves. Do you have a collection of books on your shelves that you've been delaying reading? (Duh, you're a reader, of course you do!) What holds you back from starting a book from your shelves?

If you're interested in exploring what other readers have laying about on their shelves, check out the blogs of some of the other participants. Make sure you have a few minutes to kill; it's quite the rabbit hole once you start!

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