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Top 10 Tuesday: Books that should be adapted by Netflix/Amazon

Happy Tuesday! If it's Tuesday, it must be Top Ten Tuesday book sharing blog roundup day. I'm again joining Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl and the theme this week is "books that should be adapted by Netflix (or Amazon, or whomever)". This theme is a bit more of a challenge for me this week. It took a bit of thought! Netflix, if you're searching for ideas online, this week's roundup should give you lots to think about. I asked my sister Donna for her ideas and here are our suggestions:

When you visit That Artsy Reader Girl's site, you'll find lots of participants (over 100!) with a zillion books to fit the theme each week. Your TBR will never be the same!

Donna's Suggestions:

Dry wit, a quirky loner, and a scary Mum make for good TV.

Reviewed here.

Great women characters with their friendships and hardships make

this one a good choice. Reviewed here.

A contender for a mini-series, the dual stories of the building of the Taj Mahal and the romance between the architect and emperor's daughter would surely attract an audience!

A psychological thriller about a journalist whose writings destroy a man's life. Who doesn't love a good thriller??

The unconventional relationship between an 80-year-old man,

an 18-year old-girl, and Arthur's nosy female neighbor is the

heart of this book and would make a wonderful movie.

Reviewed here

Terrie's Suggestions:

Two hunky college men, a wild white water

rafting trip, creepy campers, and a raging

wildfire - a perfect set up for an action movie!

Reviewed here.

This Edgar winning book would be a Clint Eastwood directed movie - bad cops, kids on the run and a crusty old rancher to the rescue. Reviewed here.

Ghosts, magic, Yale college campus, suspicious happenings, all make good fodder for a series because I don't think you want to leave all the cool stuff out to shrink it to a movie.

Reviewed here.

A story line with two strong women in different eras that would make a good emotional movie. Reviewed here.

My last entry - a post apocalyptic story of a woman and

a daughter trying to find her missing daughter in a

flooded world. Lots of potential in this scenario.

Reviewed here.

There you have it - 10 movie/TV show recommendations for sure-fire hits! And we'd watch them all! I'm looking forward to seeing what other bloggers pick as their fave options for a Netflix production. Aren't you?

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