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My Virtual Bookshelf Additions (Stacking the Shelves #1)

Every so often I share the most recent additions to my TBR list with the thought that you might find something new for yourself. Or, if you've already read something here and have input to keep it on the list or remove it, please share. I'm all ears!

I spent a couple hours this afternoon wandering down the rabbit hole of book blogs. My goodness there a LOT of them - something to fit just about any aesthetic. There are book link-up parties, challenges galore, give-aways, blog tours and more. Whew! In my wanders I came across Marlene @ Reading Reality who every Saturday hosts a weekly place to share what's on your TBR list. people! :) So this week I'm joining her in Stacking the Shelves.

Never Coming Home by Hannah Mary McKinnon

Genre: Thriller

Published May 2022, 368 pages

Discovered: Marlene @

Synopsis: a domestic thriller where the husband lusts after his wife's wealth so plots the perfect murder; the twist is that we're in the husband's head all the time. I usually enjoy books where I'm taken into the criminal's thought process, so I'm looking forward to this one.

The Angel of Goliad by Jean M. Roberts

Genre: Fantasy

Publish June 2022, 283 pages

Discovered: the author requested a review

Synopsis: a time travel novel set in current day Mexico and a young woman's desire to connect with an old friend pulls her into 1836 and the Texas revolution where she struggles to return to her own time.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publish July 5, 2022, 416 pages

Discovered: #netgalley ARC (advance reader copy)

Synopsis: after seeing this title show up on several summer reading lists, I took the opportunity to get an ARC - watch for my review in a few weeks. Spanning 30 years of friendship, a man and woman develop a video game that whisks them into fame; identity, disability, failure, and the redemptive possibilities of play, and, yes, love - but not like we've read it before (so says the blurb).

The Cartographers by Peng Shepherd

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery

Published March 2022, 392 pages

Discovered: Modern Mrs Darcy's Summer Reading list

Synopsis: "a highly imaginative thriller about a young woman who discovers that a strange map in her deceased father’s belongings holds an incredible, deadly secret—one that will lead her on an extraordinary adventure and to the truth about her family’s dark history." reviewed here

The Wonderland Trials #1 by Sara Ella

Genre: Fantasy Retelling

Publish date July 12, 2022, 368 pages

Discovered: a book blog (I'm making a better effort to note which ones)

Synopsis: a mashup of Hunger Games, the overlapping worlds of Shades of Magic, and the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland; a creative retelling

The Sign for Home by Blair Fell

Genre: Romance

Publish April 2022, 416 pages

Discovered: WSIRN podcast (What Should I Read Next)

Synopsis: young deafblind, Jehovah Witness, man tries to learn to negotiate the world and become independent, has two quirky interpreters to help him get out from under his controlling uncle's thumb as he searches for his true love.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

Genre: Mystery

Published February 2022, 360 pages

Discovered: a Bookbub reading list

Synopsis: another closed door mystery from Foley; after a young woman loses her job, she moves to Paris to stay with her brother, but he's missing. In his building, everyone is a neighbor, everyone is a suspect, and everyone knows something they're not sharing.

The Merciless Ones #2 by Namina Forna

Genre: Fantasy

Published May 2022, 432 pages

Discovered: I read #1, The Gilded Ones, and loved it so have been waiting

Synopsis: resuming the story of Deka and the Goddesses as they try to save the kingdom before humanity crumbles.

Beasts of Prey #1 by Ayana Gray

Genre: Fantasy

Published September 2021, 496 pages

Discovered: my favorite YouTuber reviewer, Jack in the Books

Synopsis: magic doesn't exist in world anymore, especially for girls like 16yo indentured zoo keeper, but when her family is endangered she discovers unknown power as she unites with a teen boy to hunt/kill a magical creature on a killing spree.

Scarlet Carnation by Laila Ibrahim

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published April 2022, 413 pages

Discovered: Amazon first reads freebie

Synopsis: on the eve of WWI, a white woman and a black woman whose lives become intertwined discover their dreams can be dashed in a moment and work together to support each other in a rapidly changing world as they find the strength to battle injustice

***Ooops - as I visited a couple of other participating blogs, I noticed that I created my list incorrectly. Apparently it's a place to share books that you actually physically have in hand whether from the library, an ARC, a bookstore, etc. I totally missed that part in the meme description. I'll get it right next time! Sorry.

Welcome to Bookshelf Journeys.

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