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Sunday Post #1 and Sunday Salon #1

I don't usually post on Sundays, but in my book blog wandering this week I discovered these two related memes and thought I'd participate. It's an opportunity to add a personal note to the blog and give a peek into what's going on in my life as well as whatever bookish things I want to share. The Sunday Post is hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and the Sunday Salon is hosted by ReaderBuzz. Wander over and see what other bloggers have to share.


I live in Seattle, and last week has continued the extraordinarily wet spring we're having. Lots. of. rain. So, I found myself rededicating myself to my blog and working to fix a couple of glitches I've noticed. For example, I'm hosted on Wix and spent a day cleaning up links and duplicate photos in the Wix folders. That was NOT a good idea because I discovered that everywhere I deleted a duplicate book cover photo, that picture disappeared on the blog. It will take me weeks to restore that mistake! Sigh.

With the Memorial Day holiday Monday, and I don't work Fridays, it was a nice short 3-day work week. However, Friday morning I had to go to the dentist for a crown so I tried to listen to a podcast but sometimes the sound of the drill drowned out the voices. I'm glad I wasn't listening to a book!

I only finished two books last week, but one was a doosey! Historical fiction: The Women of Chateau Lafayette - the review will be up next week. The other is an ARC, The Lost #3, and the review will be up soon.


Last week on the blog I posted two reviews (click the picture to go to the post)

Tuesday I joined the Top Ten Tuesday clan sharing my favorite Comfort Reads:

It was interesting to pause for a minute and think about what constitutes a comfort read for me. What's my criteria? Then it was pretty easy to come up with books representing that.

What's your idea of a comfort read?

I shared some tips about starting a virtual book club - many of these ideas work with an in-person book club too. And, last but not least, I posted about 10 books that I've recently added to my TBR and included that with the new-to-me link to Stacking the Shelves.

COMING NEXT WEEK (if I'm lucky):

I have the review of the terrific The Women of Chateau Lafayette coming up. We have company coming from Salt Lake City, so I may not get a lot more done though I'm currently reading Ariadne so I may get a review for that posted.

Is there something else you'd like to see in a weekly or bi-weekly wrap up? Some burning questions?

#sundaypost #sundaysalon #weeklyupdate

Welcome to Bookshelf Journeys.

It's my goal to provide real reviews of the books I read without totally rehashing every plot. I'll never spoil a story by giving away a plot twist! Hopefully you'll find one or two of interest and will discover a new book or author to add to YOUR TBR list.  Take a moment to explore, read a couple reviews, and let me know what you think.


For your convenience, I use #hashtags in the reviews and when you click on one, you'll find more books with that theme. Hopefully you'll find it a helpful way to navigate the site and find books you'll enjoy. I've also recently added tags that will show up at the end of each review that serve the same purpose.

The review ratings are based on a 5 star  (1/2 stars sometimes) system with a 3 being an average read for me. I hope you find that helpful. Knowing, of course, that all opinions are just that - my opinion!  Let me know if you agree or disagree - I'd love to hear from you.

If you like what you see and want to keep up with me, subscribe below.  Happy Reading!

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