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My March TBR list additions

Each month I share books I've come across that I MUST read so they get added to my TBR list. Here are the books I added this month:

The Invisible Library #1 by Genevieve Cogman

Genre: Fantasy

Published 2014, 320 pages

Added because: recommended by Anne at #ModernMrsDarcy

Synopsis: this Library is a mysterious one that collects books from many realities and their book spy is assigned to an alternate London to retrieve a dangerous Grimm book - adventure and troubles ensue

A Deadly Influence #1 Mullen by Mike Omer

Genre: Thriller

Publish Apr 2021, 320 pgs estimated

Added because: Amazon free 'first read' and the descriptions says "twisty thriller"

Synopsis: single mom hostage negotiator in NYC is asked by an old friend to find her kidnapped son; filled with psychological twists and part police procedural - right up my alley!

Taken by Stephen King

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Published Mar 2021; 248 pages

Added because: free from Amazon

Synopsis: (King's version of a novella :))boy has an unnatural ability that he keeps secret but a cop discovers it and forces him to help find a killer who is threatening to strike from beyond the grave

Two Old Women by Velma Wallis

Genre: General Fiction

Published 2013, 140 pages

Added because: #ownvoices found on #BookRiot list

Synopsis: a version of an Alaskan Native tale about 2 old women who are left behind during a famine and they use their experience to survive

The Eternal Audience of One by Remy Ngamije

Genre: General Fiction

Published Aug 2021, 272 pages

Added because: notice from #NetGalley sounded intriguing

Synopsis: #ownvoices funny, touching, COA story of migration, love, loss, friendship, race, identity during a year of the life of a Rawandan boy

The Witch Finder's Sister by Beth Underdown

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published 2017, 352 pages

Added because: found on a FB group page recommendation

Synopsis: loosely based on true, set in 1645 England witch hunting; story of pregnant widowed woman who returns home to live with her brother who has become a 'witch hunter' notorious for the number of women he accuses and convicts. It's told in the sister's voice as she tries to reconcile the brother she knew with the man he's become and figure out how to help the innocent women.

The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis

Genre: General Fiction / Fantasy

Published Aug 2020, 397 pages

Added because: witchery (found on FB group page)

Synopsis: a woman returns home when her Grandma dies and she gets caught up in the family secrets, the town's accusations, and finds an old journal. She sets out to clear her Grandma's name but has to confront her family's legacy of special abilities. (sounds reminiscent of Practical Magic)

The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published 2008, 307 pages

Added because: historical about witches (FB group page)

Synopsis: told in two timelines, a college girl takes part time job to transcribe an old journal by a young woman during the Salem witch trials and finds herself getting caught up in the past as she takes some of those lessons and seeks to apply them to her current life

I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem by Maryse Conde (translated)

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published 1986, 225 pages

Added because: I love witchy stories and this sounds fascinating

Synopsis: loosely based on a real woman, the story of an enslaved immigrant woman healer who is accused of witchcraft and the stand she takes to defend herself.

The Night Swim by Megan Goldin

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Published Aug 2020, 352 pages

Added because: recommended by Rachael on #BooklistQueen blog

Synopsis: a true crime podcaster is covering a rape trial and becomes the stalking target of someone wanting her to investigate a cold case; good legal drama as well as figuring out how old case and the current one coincide

The Good House by Ann Leary

Genre: General Fiction

Published 2013, 292 pages

Added because: recommended for audio by Ann at #ModernMrsDarcy

Synopsis: a 60ish woman, divorced, a successful realtor, has a bit of a drinking problem that she doesn't recognize. When her kids stage an intervention, she has to face the lies and self-deception she uses to support her drinking and then secrets come out.

I'm surprised! There are only 11 books added this month, a light month! I read 13 books so that means I actually reduced my overall TBR list by TWO books! That's very unusual..... Did you add some great new books to your TBR this month? Share in the comments so I can add to mine too.

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