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My Virtual Bookshelf - I added 20 books to my TBR list in January

Each month I share books I discovered that intrigued me enough to add to my ever-growing TBR list. Go ahead, scroll through them....there's a variety of genres and maybe something will catch YOUR eye!

The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life by Twyla Tharp

Genre: Nonfiction (inspirational)

Published 2003, 256 pages

Added because: I'm currently in a creative mode and it was on sale on Amazon

Synopsis: tips to focus on developing a pattern of creativity in your life and keeping it going

**ED: review here

Red Road by Roger Wheatley

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Published November 2020

Added because: mystery in outback Australia! (free via #BookSirens)

Synopsis: an ex-cop moves to a small town in the outback of Australia to recover from a tragedy but when an aborigine is killed, he's drawn into solving the case

**ED: review here

One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline

Genre: Mystery

Published 2017, 384 pages

Added because: my sister Donna recommended it

Synopsis: a handsome new man moves to town and applies for a job as a teacher/coach, but his name and resume are fake. What does he really want in town? Two families are affected by his deception.

One Good Deed #1 Archer by David Baldacci

Genre: Mystery

Published 2019, 416 pages

Added because: my sister Donna recommended it and he's a favorite author

Synopsis: a man just out of prison for a crime he didn't commit is trying to do a job: collect a debt for a wealthy man. Then he finds out it won't be so easy, a murder occurs and he has to clear his name or go back to prison

The Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman

Genre: General Fiction

Published 2017, 368 pages

Added because: recommended by Donna

Synopsis: a woman recently widowed and struggling with grief and raising her two children, finds friendship and more when she joins a gardening group

**ED: read June 2021 - 4 stars

A Crooked Tree by Una Mannion

Genre: General Fiction

Published January 2021, 320 pages

Added because: on a Lit Hub list of anticipated books for 2021

Synoposis: in 1980, a widowed woman with 5 children lets one out on the side of the road to stop the bickering; a coming of age story about the little girl left on the side of the road; a poignant debut

The Push by Ashley Audrain

Genre: General Fiction

Published January 2021, 320 pages

Added because: on a Lit Hub list of anticipated books for 2021

Synopsis: psychological drama about making and breaking of a family as a mother struggles with her first born, a daughter - thinking she's a bit "off". Then life as they know it changed in an instant - a story of motherhood, expectations, and what it feels like when women aren't believed.

The Charmed Wife by Olga Grushin

Genre: Fantasy

Published January 2021, 288 pages

Added because: on a Lit Hub list of anticipated books for 2021

Synopsis: retelling of Cinderella where 13 years and 2 kids after marrying her prince she goes to a witch for a potion - not a love potion, but a death potion

Blood Grove #15 by Walter Mosley

Genre: Mystery

Publish date February 2021, 320 pages

Added because: on a Lit Hub list of anticipated books for 2021

Synopsis: Easy Rawlins, black detective, solving crimes in LA in 1969

Truly Like Lightning by David Duchovny

Genre: General Fiction

Publish date February 2021, 464 pages

Added because: Lit Hub list of anticipated books for 2021

Synopsis: a former stuntman converts to Mormonism and moves to the desert with his 3 wives and 10 children where he enjoys their seclusion until a developer finds them and wants their land; change comes to the family and they try to adapt

**ED: DNF 10%

The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson

Genre: General Fiction

Publish date March 2021

Added because: intriguing from the Lit Hub anticipated books 2021

Synopsis: multi generational story of a Dakota family as they try to preserve their way of life and connection to ancestors; four women's stories wind together

Libertie by Kaitlyn Greenidge

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publish date March 2021, 336 pages

Added because: found on Lit Hub anticipated 2021 books

Synopsis: late 1800s Brooklyn, inspired by life of one of the first black female doctors and her daughter who wants a different life, marries young and moves away, then must try to figure out what freedom means for a black woman

The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Genre: Thriller

Publish date May 2021

Added because: intriguing from the Lit Hub anticipated books 2021

Synopsis: a washed up author/teacher hears a student's book plot idea and when the student dies, he finishes the book, becomes famous, then when things start to go wrong he wonders where the plot idea came from

**ED: read June 2021 - 4 stars

The Captive by Fiona King Foster

Genre: Thriller

Publish date January 2021, 272 pages

Added because: from the Crime Reads website new release list

Synopsis: debut novel about a woman and her family living a hard life at the edge of society and when an escaped criminal attacks the family, the wife's skills (kept secret from the family) help save them but then they must get the criminal to the marshall; a story of family loyalty, trauma, and resilience.

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

Genre: Thriller

Publish date February 2021, 256 [ages

Added because: on Crime Reads new release recommendations

Synopsis: non-stop thriller as award winning scientist woman has her clone living with her - and having an affair with her husband! Then, the husband dies and the wives must clean up.

Firekeeper's Daughter by Angeline Boulley

Genre: YA Mystery

Publish date March 2021, 320 pages

Added because: made Book Riot's most anticipated list, and - that cover! (BTW, I received this as an ARC -watch for the review!)

Synopsis: debut novel, 18 year old biracial girl is trying to navigate between her white world and Native Ojibwe world and when she witnesses a murder, she's drawn into the investigation to go undercover

**ED: review here

The Illusionist's Apprentice by Kristy Cambron

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published 2017, 356 pages

Added because: showed up on my Kindle 'sale' email and it sounds interesting so I bought it

Synopsis: 1926, a woman who was Houdini's assistant gets drawn into an investigation by the FBI as she tries to protect magic secrets but help catch a man she hates; comments frequently praise the level of research of the era and topic

The Cruel Prince #1 by Holly Black

Genre: YA Fantasy

Published 2018, 370 pages

Added because: found it on a Facebook book page and it came highly recommended

Synopsis: on the death of her parents a little girl and her siblings are taken to Faerie; now, at 17, she becomes involved with court treachery and learns that she can be devious and violent to survive; first in a trilogy.

That's it for this month. With my addition of 18 new books to my TBR, less the 12 books I read, it's a net of 6 books added. That's pretty good! Have you read any of these? What's your take on them - should I keep them on my list or remove one to make room for something better?

Welcome to Bookshelf Journeys.

It's my goal to provide real reviews of the books I read without totally rehashing every plot. I'll never spoil a story by giving away a plot twist! Hopefully you'll find one or two of interest and will discover a new book or author to add to YOUR TBR list.  Take a moment to explore, read a couple reviews, and let me know what you think.


For your convenience, I use #hashtags in the reviews and when you click on one, you'll find more books with that theme. Hopefully you'll find it a helpful way to navigate the site and find books you'll enjoy. I've also recently added tags that will show up at the end of each review that serve the same purpose.

The review ratings are based on a 5 star  (1/2 stars sometimes) system with a 3 being an average read for me. I hope you find that helpful. Knowing, of course, that all opinions are just that - my opinion!  Let me know if you agree or disagree - I'd love to hear from you.

If you like what you see and want to keep up with me, subscribe below.  Happy Reading!

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