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I Remember You - a thriller by Brian Freeman

I Remember You by Brian Freeman

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Publish date August 9, 2022,

I've read a couple others by Brian Freeman and discovered I enjoy his twisty psych thrillers. This one is no exception. I met Freeman with an Amazon First pick, The Night Bird about women in therapy having surprising mental breakdowns. The next year (2021) I picked up Infinite, his twisty story of parallel universes where a man tries to help his wife and keeps running into alternate versions of himself. Both really good thrillers that I also recommend.

A big thank you to #NetGalley and #thomasandmercer for the free copy of #irememberyou. The opinion is my own.


This psychological thriller focuses on Hallie, a 20-something woman who has attempted suicide a couple times due to a blocked childhood trauma that is hinted at throughout the book and she has been in and out of therapy trying to deal with it. She suffers a strange medical occurrence in which she seems to receive memories from another unknown woman (Skye). This unwanted experimental brain treatment of transferring memories to Hallie forms the backbone of the story. The strangeness, the tension, the twists and turns, build from there as she tries to unravel what's going on in her head.

Hallie was born and raised in Las Vegas, but after her incident feels compelled to move to Boston. Once there she finds she knows the neighborhoods and streets better than she did Las Vegas, and yet she's never been there. As she meets people from Skye's life and knows things about them she couldn't know, the plot thickens. There's the sister that is murdered (did Skye kill her?), the husband she wanted to divorce, the secret lover, the jealous younger sister. And with all that going on, she discovers someone is trying to kill her - this part through the middle gets a little muddy sometimes, but stick with it. The payoff is worth it!


Freeman does a great job of illustrating the worries and stress that Hallie is under without overdoing the angst (a pet peeve of mine). I could feel her tension spiraling as things became more confusing. Hallie is an interesting character - shown as a broken woman who gradually finds a purpose and reaches the point where she's struggling to hold onto her identity and not let Skye totally take over. It's SO well done that I could see how it might be easy to let a strong personality take over your life.

Could you imagine having a stranger's memories suddenly in your head and one of the memories is of an apparent murder? Yikes. There's a twist or two along the way, but the end. Well. The end. I didn't see that coming at all and it's an excellent twist.

If you enjoy a twisty thriller, a woman in crisis who survives, or a story with a bit of futuristic medical "what if" treatments, I Remember You is the book for you. It's recommended.

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