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New-To-Me Challenge to Attack My Backlist TBR

I came across the Beat the Backlist (BTB) challenge on the book blog Booksophobia and it's JUST what I need to deal with my out of control TBR list (did you SEE how many I added at the beginning of the year???? Check out my TBR Explosion posts: 15 Mysteries & More - 13 Historical Fiction - 10 Fantasy - 14 General Fiction)

It's super easy, no-pressure, no specific goals involved except what you set for yourself. Right up my alley. AND, Austine (the hostess/creator) has a link in Storygraph where you can link to specific books on your TBR and Storygraph will track your progress! I love that. So, of course, I joined. And linked to Storygraph. Austine has provided some bonus prompts for those of you (like me) that like a specific reason to pull out a certain book - here's her list of prompts to help you, if you want. There's no sign up form or anything, but if you participate, she'd appreciate a shout-out and link to her blog. Use the hashtag #BeatTheBacklist when writing about the challenge.

Austine has created 52 prompts - I see a few categories I know I don't have on my TBR and so won't complete, but mostly I think it's a fun way to whittle down my massive list! Join me and let's tackle our TBR lists together!!

  • 2+ people on the cover (2 or more people, either models or character art, on the cover)

  • 6+ words in the title (6 or more words in the title, can include “the,” “and,” etc.)

  • a book about books (a book that’s centered around books in some way)

  • a book in a genre you never/rarely read (a genre you pick up very infrequently, or have never tried)

  • a book set in the season you read it in (for example, reading a book primarily set in winter during the winter season)

  • about food or food in the title (either the book’s plot is centered around food in some way or there’s a type of food in the title)

  • about or inspired by a historical event (a book that’s either about an event in history, or heavily inspired by one)

  • an unusual or unexpected pet (a character has a pet that’s either unusual or something you wouldn’t expect)

  • author has a first, middle, and last name on the cover (no initials) (i.e. 3+ names on the cover, so Karen Marie Moning would count, Jennifer L. Armentrout would not)

  • author has an active podcast or youtube channel (author with a podcast or youtube channel that’s had an episode/video posted in the last 6 months)

  • book about siblings (the plot is strongly focused on siblings in some way)

  • book featuring time travel (we’re going back… back… back…)

  • book with chapter names (no “Chapter One” here, these chapter titles have something interesting to say)

  • book written for an age group you don’t belong to (for example, an adult reading young adult or vice versa)

  • classic novel (pick a classic, any classic)

  • co-authored (book is by 2 or more authors)

  • debut novel (this was the first published book by this author)

  • discovered via social media (because social media is rough on our TBRs)

  • everyone has read it but you (it feels like everyone else has read this book except you)

  • features royalty (I know I left that crown somewhere…)

  • finish a series (reading this book means you’re finishing the series)

  • first in a series you’ve been putting off (this is a callout so get to that series!)

  • forgotten on your shelf or eReader (a book you forgot you had until recently)

  • graphic novel, manga, or web comic (a book that fits one of these categories)

  • indie or self published (the book was published by the author or an independent press)

  • involves family secrets (this plot is very suspicious… secrets abound!)

  • longer than 500 pages (tackle that tome!)

  • murder, mystery, or both! (take your pick! murder, mystery, or something with both!)

  • mushroom on the cover (find the ‘shroom…)

  • new-to-you author (you’ve never read anything by this author, and maybe you never heard of them until recently)

  • non-fiction (your pick of topic but make sure it’s based on facts)

  • novella (often around 200 pages or less, a shorter work that either stands alone or is a novel companion)

  • number in the title (as simple as it sounds)

  • one word title (only one word allowed)

  • picked by a celebrity book club (any book selected in the past by a celebrity for their book club)

  • poetry or anthology (your choice of a book of poetry or book of short stories)

  • protagonist has a profession that twists the truth (the main character’s job involves twisting the truth or lying often)

  • published in the month you were born (book was released the same month you were born)

  • reading for research, reference, or general interest (pick something that interests you!)

  • second or fourth book in a series (you’re getting through those series this year!)

  • set in space OR on/in the ocean (sea of stars, sea of fish, your choice)

  • set in the mountains (the story primarily takes place in the mountains)

  • set on an island (the story primarily takes place on an island)

  • story centered around a real or fictional holiday (the story is focused around a holiday from our world or a holiday in the world of the book)

  • superheroes/villains OR character in disguise (a story about superheroes/villains or one that features a character in disguise)

  • title is an alliteration (the title features at least 2 words starting with the same letter back to back (excluding words like “the,” “and,” etc.) such as Silence of the Soleri)

  • translated into your native language (the book was originally written in a different language and translated into your native language)

  • wolf” or “star” in the title (one of those words appears in the title)

  • women in the (fictional) sciences (a book featuring women in science, either from our world or fictional)

  • you watched the show or movie first (a book turned into a movie/show that you watched before reading)

  • your favorite animal (real or fictional) on the cover (simple as it sounds!)

  • your favorite trope on the page (your favorite character or plot trope is in the book)

Since I have over 900 books on my TBR, I'm sure I can find something to fit almost every one of these categories. My additional, personal goal is to try to start with books I actually own and have been on my shelves sometimes for years! Follow my progress on the Challenges tab on the menu at the top of the page.

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