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#8 in attorney Andy Carpenter series

Former cop and Iraq war veteran who is now a thief is arrested on suspicion of murder.

Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt book cover over pic of german shephard

Dog Tags (Carpenter #8), David Rosenfelt

Genre: Animals, Mystery

Published 2010, 360 pages

“As his adversary, that gives me an advantage, because nothing is beneath my dignity.”

Attorney Andy Carpenter (#8) series. I have read all of the books in the Carpenter series, actually I’ve read all of Rosenfelt’s books period. Two things I especially like about his books are the humor and the fact that he loves dogs and often has one featured in his story and nothing bad happens to them – no animal ever dies in a Rosenfelt book.

“There’s something obnoxiously charming about Bill, but I’ve always been able to resist obnoxious charm. Maybe it’s because I possess so much of it myself.”

This story is a fast read with plenty of humor, a couple of great dogs, a murder at the base of it, but with many additional deaths and courtroom scenes. For you readers who don’t like graphic depictions of death and/or strong language, Rosenfelt books are perfect – they have neither and yet always provide a good mystery.

Even if you haven’t read any other books in the Carpenter series, you could pick this one up and enjoy it. You will be introduced to the supporting characters of Edna (Andy’s secretary who doesn’t do any work), Marcus (huge, menacing, man of few words), Hike (complains about everything, sees only the bad), and Pete, a cop and Andy’s friend. In Dog Tags, Pete asks Andy to represent his fellow cop, Billy, who has been charged with murder. Reluctantly Andy takes on the case and as he grows to suspect that Billy is innocent of the charge, he digs deeper into what really happened, and why.

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