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Book Blogger Memory Challenge: Tag, You're It!

Mareli at Elza Reads put up a book 'tag' that she joined and I thought I'd test my memory and see if I could come up with a book in the 10 categories. Of course, as soon as I saw her responses, it was hard to think of anything else. So, I'll post the questions first - my answers after so I don't influence your memory! :) Mareli found it originally at Carole from Reading Ladies. If you decide to play, link to me and leave me a comment so I can come see your answers!


Super simple. Since it's a "memory challenge", answer the prompts without using the internet or looking at your bookshelves. Your answers have to come from MEMORY! Make sure to link to the person who originally tagged you and tag five other people if you’d like.


1. Book by author named Michael.

2. Book with a dragon on the cover.

3. Book by an author named Smith.

4. Book set in Australia

5. Book with a month in the title.

6. Book with a knife on the cover.

7. Book with word "one" in the title.

8. Book with eponymous title.

9. Book that has been made into a movie.

10. Book with word "mountain" in title.


Some of these strained my brain more than others.

1. Book by author named Michael - Michael Connelly, a favorite author of mine and I've read lots of his books.

The Poet by Michael Connelly

Read this years and years ago before I even started keeping my master Excel list and rated it a 5. Wonder if it would hold up if I reread it?

2. Book with a dragon on the cover. Had a tough time with this one. I thought of several dragon books but when I went to grab the cover - no dragons......

Okay, I give up - I absolutely could NOT pull any cover with a dragon on it from the depths of my tired brain. Sigh.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

So (I cheated) and looked at my TBR list to find this one.

One boy. One dragon. A world of adventure.

3. Book by author named Smith. Believe it or not, this also took some head scratching. I had to close my eyes and try to visualize my shelves......

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

Read this book in 2015 and again, it was a 5 star read for me.

4. Book set in Australia - I've read many set there, particularly by Jane Harper. But the first one to come to mind was Cloudstreet by Tim Winton. Another unexpectedly fabulous book that I highly recommend.

Cloudstreet by Tim Winton (recommended to me by an online Australian friend)

The story of two families sharing a ramshackle house as they raise their kids. Read in 2012 (looked that part up).

5. Book with a month name in the title.

March - Book One by John Lewis

This is the first 'month' book that popped into my mind because I'd selected it as a graphic novel to fulfill a challenge a couple years ago, but never actually read it. It's the first of a trilogy.

6. Book with a knife on the cover - well, Mareli used the one that was my first thought which is The Knife of Letting Go. But after a couple minutes I remembered I just recently added one to my TBR list.

Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn

Four (?) women assassins nearing retirement take a cruise and discover their employer has put out a contract on their lives. Great premise, right?

7. Book with the word "one" in the title.

The Precious One by Marisa de los Santos

This was a publisher gift book and has been on my nightstand for probably a year. Good reminder (again!) to read this book!

8. Book with eponymous title.

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine

No struggle coming up with this book.

9. Book that's been made into a movie.

Dune by Frank Herbert

Another easy one for me since I only read the book last year and just watched the movie not that long ago.

10. Book with the word "mountain" in the title.

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Thanks to Top 10 Tuesday and the geographical title theme last week, this was easy. And, another 5 star read for me.

And how did you do? Were you able to come with something for every category without duplicating mine?

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