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2022 Favorite Books: Month by Month

I've pulled together my favorite books read in 2022. Most months I couldn't choose just one, so I listed all my faves and I'm interested to see if any of these also made your list. Click link to see my review.


This was a very good reading month to start 2022! I read 16 books and these 3 were by far my faves.

The Reading List Billy Summers Lightning Strike


I read 10 books in February and had 1 DNF with these two being the stand out reads.

The Institute The Rose Code


In March I read 11 books and had 2 DNF attempts.

The House in the Cerulean Sea A Trick of the Light


I read 12 books in April.

Project Hail Mary Shiner


Of the 9 books I read in May, I only had one favorite.



I read 10 books and had 1 DNF in June with one book a clear favorite.

The Island of Missing Trees


I usually read a little more in the summer for some reason; I read 13 books in July.

The Passengers Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow


Of the 15 books read in August, I have 2 favorites.

The Boy From the Woods A Better Man


In September I read 14 books and had 1 DNF.

Spells for Forgetting The Spear Cuts Through Water


I read 12 books and had 2 DNF books in October.

Thief River Falls Hester This Tender Land


I read 15 books in November with 2 taking the prize for fave reads.

Remarkably Bright Creatures Daisy Darker


A busy month in December means I only read 9 books but these 3 were winners.

Tuyo Fairy Tale Lessons in Chemistry

There are some really great books represented in this list - some very hyped and popular all over the internet, and some very quiet but equally good reads. I am surprised to see that I read three Stephen King books this year after having not read anything by him in quite a few years. And they were all really good and very different from each other.

If I had to pick favorites of the year, I have two. The Spear Cuts Through Water is such an unusual and amazing book, I'd love for it to have a wider audience. The Island of Missing Trees is maybe more main stream and certainly easier to read and enjoy and I will (and do) recommend it to everyone.

I'm so eager to start perusing the various end of year BEST lists - I'm sure my TBR will explode once again, but I don't want to miss a potential great book! Did any of these make your 'best of' list?

Welcome to Bookshelf Journeys.

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