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My August TBR Additions

A new month, new books to discover! As those of you who participate in Stacking the Shelves on Saturdays or Sunday Salon or Sunday Post on Sundays know, these blogs offer a wealth of new books to explore. Every. Week. So, I'm trying to limit myself to only ONE book from any blog (not always possible). Here's some of what caught my eye this month. In order to keep these lists manageable, I think I'm going to have to split them and do 2 a month! Or stop Top 10 Tuesday. But that's not happening, so maybe a different schedule.

Click on the book cover image to go to the Goodreads page.

Calling For a Blanket Dance by Oscar Hokeah

Genre: General Fiction

Published July 2022, 272 pages

Discovered: Marlene at Reading Reality blog

Synopsis: An #ownvoices debut, it's the story of a young Native American man struggling to find strength in his familial identity told through the multi-generational perspectives of members of his family.

The Sleepless by Victor Manibo

Genre: SciFi

Published August 2022, 332 pages

Discovered: Marlene at Reading Reality blog

Synopsis: in the near future, a pandemic has left 25% of the population unable to sleep - what would the results be if that many people didn't sleep? A suicide (or murder) investigation, a queer journalist trying to figure it out, and so many societal themes.

The Winter Orphans by Kristin Beck

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publish September 2022, 416 pages

Discovered: Wendy at Bashful Bookworm blog

Synopsis: poignant story of women who help Jewish children escape the Nazi invasion of France through the mountains in winter

Deal with the Devil #1 by Kit Rocha

Genre: Sci-Fi

Published July 2020; 337 pages

Discovered: Kimberly at Caffeinated Reader blog

Synopsis: in a near future sci-fi, a team of mercenary librarians meet a group of disaffected super soldiers to team up and save America in a post apocalyptic world: Orphan Black meets post-apocalyptic Avengers

Rich Blood #1 by Robert Bailey

Genre: Legal Drama

Publish Sept 1, 2022; 380 pages

Discovered: #Netgalley promo; Amazon First Read

Synopsis: ambulance chaser lawyer hits a rough patch with divorce and rehab who returns home to defend his sister who is accused of murdering her husband, even though he has no experience as a criminal defense attorney

Or Else by Joe Hart

Genre: Thriller

Published April 2022; 253 pages

Discovered: Greg at Book Haven blog

Synopsis: novelist returns to home town to help his father, starts an affair which ends in murder and a disappearance, and he's the main suspect

Cecily by Annie Garthwaite

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published July 2021, 384 pages

Discovered: Pyrenees to Pennies blog

Synopsis: finally a strong woman in an era other than WWII. Mother, wife, politician, traitor, survivor, fighter - an intelligent and ambitious woman who wants the best for her children (all 12 of the them!)

Bewilderment by Richard Powers

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Published 2021, 278 pages

Discovered: Buddy Read with a girlfriend

Synopsis: a widower dad who is an astrophysicist tries to help his 9 year old son deal with potential mental health issues by sharing/learning about the natural world

Mika in Real Life by Emiko Jean

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Published August 2022, 384 pages

Discovered: Likewise list (app)

Synopsis: heartwarming, smart story about an adopted child seeking her birth mother, motherhood, daughterhood, and love finding a way

Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Publish Date Aug 2022; 352 pages

Discovered: Likewise app book list

Synopsis: locked-room mystery of a dysfunctional family getting together to celebrate Nana's 90th birthday, tides come in stranding everyone on the island, murder is afoot!

Read 11/8/22 - Review here

The Rule of Three by E.G. Scott

Genre: Thriller

Published Aug, 2022; 336 pages

Discovered: CrimeReads list

Synopsis: in an exclusive neighborhood 3 women meet regularly for bookclub and their husbands for poker; secrets, blackmail, husbands end up dead or in the hospital

Anchored #1 by Bridget E. Baker

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Published Apr 2021; 414 pages

Discovered: Free Amazon via Booksends

Synopsis: whenever Alora falls asleep she wakes in another world; when she sees someone from the dream world she realizes her worlds are on a collision course; which one will she save?

When You Had Power #1 by Susan Kaye Quinn

Genre: Fantasy

Published Nov 2020; 218 pages

Discovered: Free Amazon via EReader News

Synopsis: first in a quartet of novels about climate-caused plagues and the engineer who tries to save the world from itself

No Mercy #2 by Joanna Schaffhausen

Genre: Thriller

Published Jan 2019; 400 pages

Discovered: Janette at WitchyReading blog

Synopsis: a police officer on suspension, a FBI profiler, an at-large rapist and terrified victim (plus I love the cover!)

Lola is Missing #1 by Alison James

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Published 2018; 316 pages

Discovered: Free Amazon list

Synopsis: a 6 year old goes missing and it becomes a national story; as the detective struggles through all the family secrets to find the child, a seemingly unrelated woman is murdered, then another child goes missing - an enthralling crime thriller

Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen

Genre: Magical Realism

Publish Date Aug 30, 2022; 304 pages

Discovered: Jen at Introverted Reader blog

Synopsis: a woman goes to Charleston to claim an apartment after the death of her mom and meets her quirky, secretive neighbors including three ghosts - each with their own longings and whose endings aren't written yet

The Ferryman by Justin Cronin

Genre: Sci Fi / Dystopian

Publish 2023 sometime

Discovered: Tessa at Tessa Talks Books blog

Synopsis: private island utopia where people have implanted monitors regulating their lifespan. The ferryman has the job of helping them 'retire' but when he has to help his dad, he begins to question all he's known.

Weyward by Emilia Hart

Genre: Historical Fiction; Women's Fiction

Publish March 2023; 320 pages

Discovered: Tessa at Tessa Talks Books blog

Synopsis: received an ARC; told in three timelines, witchcraft and the natural world collide

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published 7/2000; 894 pages

Discovered: Tanya at Girls Plus Books blog

Synopsis: epic Russian war/love story ala Dr. Zhivago

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Genre: General Fiction

Published 1/2013; 295 pages

Discovered: Michael at Book Lovers Sanctuary (top 10 Tuesday)

Synopsis: staid professor who has never had a second date decides there must be a "right" person for him so with list in hand, he starts the hunt - and meets Rosie, who is none of those things - and she's looking for her father. A moving and funny look at going after love against all the odds.

Into the Dread Void by Abe Moss

Genre: Horror

Published May 2021; 262 pages

Discovered: Free Amazon via Ebook Daily

Synopsis: a young girl and her new foster family go the the lake for the weekend. A storm releases a supernatural killer that forces her to use her own hidden abilities to save them all.

Blood Lies #5 by Andrew Cunningham

Genre: Mystery

Published Jan 2020; 252 pages

Discovered: Free Amazon via EReader News

Synopsis: a best selling author is murdered and a man thinks there's a connection to his dad's murder 3 years earlier - but finding out could be deadly

One by One by Ruth Ware

Genre: Mystery

Published Sept 2020; 372 pages

Discovered: Mark at Carstairs Considers blog

Synopsis: another locked room mystery with 8 co-workers on a motivational retreat in a mountain chalet and when an avalanche strands them, murder! How many will be alive on Monday?

A Psalm for the Wild Built #1 by Becky Chambers

Genre: Fantasy

Published July 2021; 160 pages

Discovered: a favorite author of Greg @ Greg's Book Haven blog

Synopsis: a tea monk has his life upended when a robot appears and is there to ask "what do people need". The series explores the question, when you have what you want, does having more matter?

The Girl From Silent Lake #1 by Leslie Wolfe

Genre: Mystery

Published 2021, 356 pages

Discovered: Anne at Books of my Heart blog

Synopsis: mother & daughter disappear and detective Kay Sharp hurries to find them while they're alive; a fast paced read ala Robert Dugoni (a fave author)

That's 25 books added to my TBR so far this month, which is more than enough since I only read about half that many. At that rate, I'll never get through the list. Wait, is that the goal? To actually complete the TBR list???? No, I didn't think so! lol How much did your list grow in August?

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