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Buddy Read: a childhood classic about a little orphan girl who comes to Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables #1, L.M. Montgomery

Genre: YA, Classic

Published 1908, 320 pages

Have you read this yet? I don't know how I never read this before.....and the writing style took me aback at first. But, on audio, my goodness, the flow of language! The words! The flowery, joyful, effervescence of Anne is so engaging that it made me smile. And it wants to make me use my words better. Instead of everything being "great", try splendid, terrific, or sublime. And though Montgomery used 20 words when one or two would do, I loved them all.....and I usually prefer a more spare writing style. I wonder if I would have liked it as much if I read it instead of listened to it............hmmmm.

I found myself thoroughly engaged throughout the story of this firey red-headed orphan though the plot is simple and pretty predictable. I got teary eyed, smiled and chuckled, and remembered my kids when they were little.

Anne's indomitable spirit pervades the story - and the fact that she is SUCH a chatterbox seems so very childlike (though I do wonder a bit at her very extensive vocabulary!). I couldn't help but get caught up in her dramas, making friends, finding her way in a new place.......she would have flat worn me out!

This would be an enjoyable read-aloud with a young listener and provide opportunities to talk about "what would you do in that situation" as Anne gets in and out of scrapes. It would also serve as an excellent vocabulary builder for any young reader. Definitely recommended if you haven't read it before.

What did you think of this classic? Did you read it as a child? Tell me your memories of this book.

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photos by Terrie Purkey, husband's home farm in Indiana & English countryside Southampton, UK

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