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3 things saving my life right now

Over at #ModernMrsDarcy today she is sharing her feelings about the winter blues and what she's doing to help her get through it. She invites others to share their, here goes. First, I'm not a winter person. I hate the snow, I don't like the freezing cold - I just hibernate when Seattle gets snow.

In this month, the middle of winter, here in Seattle, it's wet. Very wet. Gray. Very gray. We had almost record setting volumes of rain in January. Usually a PNW (Pacific Northwest) rain is a drizzle, you know, a kind of steady spritz from the sky. Not hard enough to need an umbrella because, you know, it's just a drizzle.

Not this winter. We've had RAIN. As in pounding, bounce off the ground rain, and it's gone on day after day. So, my winter blues? Start with gray and rain.

What helps me get through a Seattle winter and my longing for sunshine?

My favorite winter escape is often planning a trip. For some reason we rarely travel during this dreary time of year (but I'm going to change that next year!) but I do spend my time researching where we'll go in June, July, and August. Which is funny because August and September are the best months here - why do we usually vacation then? Hmmmm. This year we're headed to the beaches of North Carolina to spend some time with family. And, we're going to Hawaii in September. Both sunny places full of sunny activities. Thinking and fantasizing about those upcoming trips takes me out of the gray.

Planning for a family wedding is bringing cheer to my rainy winter - my oldest son is getting married in July and I'm having so much fun helping with planning and I'll be doing the flowers so I'm immersed in colorful flowers. I LOVE flowers and miss my florist career sometimes - so this is a great way to beat back winter.

As you might expect, books are another refuge. I actually really enjoy snuggling under a blanket on the sofa, rain pounding on the windows, wind whipping the trees around, and I'm immersed in a story. It's the best!

Then there are a few little pleasures that make the days go by as I wait for spring.

  • Though I miss the sunshine, I have noticed that it's nice to drive home from work and it's not dark yet! Every day I notice that.....a little thing, but so satisfying. Spring IS coming.

  • Yesterday was sunny all day - the first sunny day in weeks. I absorbed it, I inhaled it, I savored it. It's going to have to last me a while.

  • Binge watching TV. I rarely watch TV during the week but I do record a few shows. When I've spent enough time on the computer, and am in between books, I love curling up on the sofa and catching up on what Meredith Gray is doing (Gray's Anatomy).

  • Sketch - I'm a fledgling urban sketcher and though I don't go outside (it's cold and windy and rainy), I do take time to practice my sketching so I don't get too rusty.

What do you do to help you through the winter doldrums? Share your tips in the comments - maybe I can incorporate some of your solutions in my life!


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