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12 Months of Literary Book Holidays and Reasons to Celebrate Reading

I thought it would be interesting and fun to pull together a calendar of bookish reading events / holidays/ observances so we can all mark our calendars with the ones that interest us. Let me know if there's something I miss (which is entirely likely). Here's a month-by-month listing of bookish things I could find. Check back here anytime to refresh your memory or direct your reading.......


Jan 2 -National Science Fiction day

Jan 27 - International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Caldecott Award given

Printz Award given


Black History Month

Newbery Award given

Feb 1 - World Real Aloud Day (first Wed in February every year)

Feb 14 -Library Lovers Day


National Women's History Month

Read Across America - a monthly theme to engage young readers with suggested books to help guide them

Mar 1 - Read Across America Day

Mar 2 - World Book DAy

Mar 5-11 - Read an Ebook Week

Mar 21 - World Poetry Day

Mar 25 - National Tolkien Reading Day

Mar 31 - International Day of Transgender Visibility


National Poetry Month

School Library Month

Bram Stoker Award given

Edgar Award given

Pulitzer Award given

Nebula Award given in spring

Apr 16 - National Librarian's Day

Apr 17 - National Haiku Poetry Day

Apr 22 -Earth Day

Apr 22-28 -National Park Week (fees waived at National Parks on the 22nd)

Apr 23-29 -National Library Week

Apr 29 - Independent Bookstore Day


Asian / Pacific American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

Agatha Award given

May 1-7 - Children's Book Week

May 8-13 - Reading is Fun Week


Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

Rainbow Book Month celebrating all sexual diversity

Audiobook Appreciation Month

Women's Prize Award given

Locus Award given

June 19 -Juneteenth


Jul 14 -International Non-Binary People's Day

Jul 30 - Paperback Book Day AND International Friendship Day


Aug 9 - National Book Lover's Day

Aug 26 - Women's Equality Day


National Hispanic Heritage Month

Sept 6 - National Read-a-Book Day

Sept 8 - International Literacy Day

Sept 17-23 Banned Book Week


Filipino American History Month

LGBTQ History Month

Family History Month

National Reading Group Month

National Book Month

Booker Award given

Oct 1-7 - Mystery Series Week

Oct 15-21 - Teen Read Week


Native American Heritage Month

Nonfiction November

National Novel Writing Month

Picture Book Month

National Book Award given

Nov 6 - National Nonfiction Day


Read a New Book Month

Dec 24 - Jolabokaflod (Christmas Book Flood celebrated in Iceland)

Then I found a couple more exhaustive but fun calendars. This calendar has a bookish event for almost every day of the year - author birthdays and things like "Salman Rushdie has a fatwa placed on his head" Feb 1989. However, for something a bit more frivolous, this one lists the "special" event recognized for just about every day in the year - including stuff like National Fruitcake Toss Day or Organize Your Home Day - as well as historical events that happened that month, etc. There's something for everyone - you can search month by month.

Have fun with this calendar and maybe it'll send you down the rabbit hole of bookish special days. Which ones were a surprise to you? Which ones do you recognize or participate in?

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