Nebula Award Winners

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Awarded by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, four awards are given annually to books based on works of different lengths (novel, novella [about 60-120 pages], novelette [longer than short story, shorter than novella], short story [under 40 pages]), written in English and published in the US. One of the most important awards for science fiction and fantasy books, the awards were begun in 1966 and are given in the spring. This list includes winners in Novel form since 2000.  (I'm working on adding them all)

** Books I've read are in bold and reviewed books are in bold and blue.


2019 - A Song for a New Day by Sarah Pinsker, 384 pages

Public gathers are illegal in this future, making concerts impossible - except for those willing to break the law. Two women break the rules to bring music to the world and return people to the "before".


2018 - The Stone Sky #3 by N. K. Jemisin, 416 pages

The conclusion of the post-apocalyptic trilogy - this is the way the world ends, for the last time because sometimes what is corrupt cannot be cleansed, only destroyed.


2017 - All the Birds in the Sky#1 by Charlie Jane Anders, 313 pages

Childhood friends, a witch and scientist, have a parting of the ways in middle school. As adults the witch works with others trying to repair the world even as it is falling apart and the scientist is an engineer. Something is determined to bring them back together to save or end the world.


2016 - Uprooted by Naomi Novik, 313 pages

A peaceful village on the edge of an evil Wood is protected by an old wizard who takes a young woman from the village every 10 years as payment for his protection. 


2015 - Annihilation #1 by Jeff VanderMeer, 195 pages

Area X, cut off from the rest of the world for decades, has rebuffed 11 exploration efforts, each ending in disaster. The 12th team is 4 women who are tasked with exploring and recording the area and themselves. It's the surprises that cross the borders with them as well as their own secrets that change everything.


2014 - Ancillary Justice #1 by Ann Leckie, 386 pages

On a remote planet, a soldier is coming to the end of her quest. Once a powerful manifestation of the ship's AI, now she is the lone humanoid, lots of unanswered questions and a burning desire for revenge.


2013 - 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson, 561 pages

By year 2312 new habitats on other planets and ships have been created but on Mercury, the first of several events occurs that will change the course of humankind. An unexpected death causes Swan to leave her world-building as she's led into world-destroying.


2012 - Among Others by Jo Walton, 561 pages

As a child Mori and her twin played among the spirits in the fields, even as she loved reading science fiction. When her mom tries to bend the spirits to her evil intents, the results are deadly. Mori is sent away and must try to come to terms with what happened without falling to the darkness.


2011 - Blackout #1 All Clear by Connie Willis, 610 pages

2060 sees multitudes of time travelers visiting the past. As the 3 main characters travel back to WWII, they find there are apparent glitches in the travel system causing them to question the main belief: no one can change history.


2010 - The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi, 359 pages

What happens when the world's currency becomes calories? Bio-terrorism becomes a tool for corporate greed? Engineered beings become slaves, soldiers, and toys of the world? 


2009 - Powers #3 by Ursula Le Guin, 502 pages

A YA novel, Gav can remember a page from a book after one glance and can sometimes 'remember' something that hasn't happened yet. As a loyal slave he must keep his powers a secret; but when a tragedy occurs, Gav must escape his life and learn to use his powers.


2008 - The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon, 502 pages

An alternative history story of Jews after WWII as they live in the Federal District of Sitka after the collapse of Israel. A detective with personal problems and a fading career attempts to solve the murder of his neighbor but when the boss says to stop, he finds himself contending with faith, obsession, hopefulness, evil, and all the trappings of his faith.


2007 - Seeker #3 by Jack McDevitt, 373 pages

Two antiquarians searching for an artifact from a lost starship from over 9000 years ago find themselves traveling over several star systems and into the view of an assassin. 


2006 - Camouflage by Joe Haldeman, 289 pages

Two aliens have wandered the earth for centuries, one blending in, one killing. Now a relic ship has been located that might take them home but the killer has decided there's only room for one.


2005 - Paladin of Souls #2 by Lois McMaster Bujold, 470 pages

In a land threatened by war and beset by demons, the queen is released from her curse but manipulated by an untrustworthy god as she tries to save the souls of her realm.


2004 - The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon, 470 pages

Set in the near future an autistic man has built a quiet life for himself, has a job, can manage in public. Then the opportunity to particpate in a new experimental surgery to correct his autism presents itself. But if he does it, will he still BE himself?


2003 - Amercian Gods #1 by Neil Gaiman, 635 pages

A man recently released from prison meets a man who claims to be a war refugee, a former god, and king of America. Together they begin a journey across American while all around them a war of gods is building.


2002 - The Quantum Rose #6 by Catherine Asaro, 432 pages

A young noblewoman agrees to marry a powerful stranger in order to save her people from starvation.


2001 - Darwin's Radio #1 by Greg Bear, 448 pages

A biologist has discovered that diseases hiding in DNA can regenerate. A 'virus hunter' has found a flu-like disease that kills expectant mothers and their babies.


2000 - Parable of the Talents #2 by Octavia Butler, 448 pages

Set in economically depressed California in 2030, a woman is convinced that her community should colonize the stars. As they prepare, opposing fanatics enslave some of her followers and capture her daughter. She must fight back to preserve her vision of world order.