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As we enter the last quarter of the year with so much stress and strife, I find that I retreat more and more to reading. I read all over social media how the stress of the political climate, or the restrictions from Covid, or recovery from a natural disaster in your area, make many readers turn away - they can't concentrate. I'm thankful it's the opposite for me. I'm able to tune out the world and sink into the world created by the book I'm reading. Here are the 25 books that I found interesting enough to add to my TBR this month. Any of them interest you?? The Lost and Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs Genre: General Fiction Published July 2020, 368 pages I added this book because: found it on

October Mini Reviews

Here are a few books I've read this month that just get quick reviews - constrained by time, interest, or nothing special to say. I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver, A Darker Shade of Magic #1 by V.E. Schwab, Native Tongue #1 by Suzette Hayden Elgin, Ghostland by Duncan Ralston, Into the Jungle by Erica Ferencik, and Don't Tell a Soul by David Rosenfelt. I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver Genre: YA, General Fiction Published 2019, 328 pages On one hand this is sort of a 'standard' YA romance with all the attendant angst and uncertainty. But, it certainly is NOT standard in that it tries to accurately convey the feelings and fears of a nonbinary teenager and whether to come out or

The Wee Free Men - an entertaining fantasy

The Wee Free Men #30 Discworld by Terry Pratchett Genre: YA Fantasy Published 2003, 375 pages Certainly I've heard of the Discworld series all over the internet and book blogs. My youngest son is a fan. I've been daunted by the number of books in the series - what if I like it? 30+ books??? BUT, I picked this one for a reading challenge this year and now I'm going to have to go back and read 30+ books! Though it's the 30th in the Discworld series, it's the first in the first in the Aching series. I've learned that the series is broken down into smaller, more digestible, mini series but are loosely related as in the same world/universe. So, I'll work through this "Aching" series (4 books I

Buddy Read: The Little Paris Bookshop

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George Genre: General Fiction Published 2013, 392 pages Over the years my sister and I have found that we often recommend books to each other but since we don't read them at the same time, it's hard to have satisfying discussions because one of us read it too long ago to remember quotes or details. So now, we planned ahead and picked a year's worth of Buddy Read books, 2 a month, so that we can enjoy talking about them together. The Little Paris Bookshop is the second one for October. We read Notes From a Young Black Chef earlier in the month. You can see our upcoming books and follow our progress on the Challenges tab at the top of the page - the first cate

Meeting Faith: The Forest Journals of a Black Buddhist Nun is a memorable memoir

Meeting Faith: The Forest Journals of a Black Buddhist Nun by Faith Adiele Genre: Memoir Published 2004, 280 pages "... I've misunderstood Buddhism, thinking that it focused on the development of the individual and discouraged emotional connection to others. But in fact the goal is to love both -- oneself and others -- without being wounded by that love." What an interesting journey, both a physical and internal one. A mixed race girl raised by a strong, independent single mom, internalizes her mom's teachings, but finds that in the real world she feels fragmented and torn by racism. She explores her feelings of anger and otherness and, like many books about or by bi-racial authors, she talk

10 books I enjoyed, recommended to me by my sister

My sister, Donna, is my most frequent recommender. We share many of the same tastes in reading so frequently make recommendations back and forth. Every once in a while we get it wrong but we get more right than wrong, so we just keep sharing. She reads quite a bit more than me so I can't always keep up with her suggestions, but I try. In no particular order, here are just 10 of the best ones she's recommended over the last couple years. This weekly theme is provided and the round up is hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. It's a great opportunity to meet other avid readers and bloggers, but I have to warn you. There's a danger of your TRB list exploding! Blue Heaven by C.J. Box Genre:

Notes From a Young Black Chef is one of our Buddy Reads for October

Notes From a Young Black Chef by Kwame Onwuachi Genre: Memoir Published 2019, 288 pages Donna's Thoughts I didn’t know who Kwame was, but in our Buddy Reads we try and choose books that we normally wouldn’t read, plus I watch a lot of cooking shows on TV so it held some interest for me. This memoir covers his upbringing, facing racism, his roots in Nigeria, doing drugs, paying his dues at culinary schools and working in world-acclaimed restaurants, to his rise as a fine-dining chef. Right from the start I was impressed by the writing which was a good start. His life and what he’s had to deal with is worlds apart from mine, which is often a good reason to read any book. His confidence in hims

Top 10 Tuesday: books with the longest titles

It's Tuesday, so it must be Top Ten Tuesday book sharing blog roundup day. I'm again joining Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl and the theme this week is "books with the longest titles". There are lots of books with subtitles that add to the length of the official title, but I purposely didn't choose any of those. And, I've read (or attempted to read) all of these........ When you visit The Artsy Reader Girl's site, you'll find lots of participants with a zillion books to fit the theme each week. Your TBR will never be the same! She Has A Broken Thing Where her Heart Should Be by J.D. Barker Genre: Horror Published March 2020, 774 pages I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Reviewed here. What Looks

12 Binge-worthy books for fall

What makes for a good binge read? My definition for this list is a book that can draw you in and keep you immersed in the story to the point that you don't want any disruptions. The book could be long, short, part of a series, or anything in-between. So here are my recommendations for an even dozen books to sink into. As usual with my lists, many are back-list books - easier to get from the library or maybe already on your shelves. The hot new titles hold appeal, but are certainly not the only books worth reading! These are books I've read and can recommend. (arranged alphabetically by author) The Mists of Avalon #1 by Marion Zimmer Bradley Published 1982, 844 pages An excellent retelling of

Top 10 Tuesday: Books with fall colors or vibe on the cover

Every Tuesday That Artsy Reader Girl hosts a "party" where book bloggers share their interpretation of the theme of the week. This week it's about saluting fall - in cover art. I took the theme relatively literally and browsed the books on my shelves and online to come up with these possibilities: 5 From My TBR or Bookshelf Fall colors and a spooky October vibe for this book - a classic scary book published in 1959, The Haunting of Hill House is one I'll be adding to my TBR. This cover looks like the transition from summer to fall - and has a very intriguing design, one that looks like it's leading right into a mysterious, magical locale. The Secret of Magic is on my shelves and now that I'v

Though published a few years ago, The Hate U Give is still relevant

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas Genre: General Fiction Published 2017, 444 pages This book was all over bookstagram and the internet a couple years ago when it first came out and I didn't get around to reading it. Somehow it didn't catch my interest. Banned book week is Sept 28-Oct 2 this year and this book has been in the top 5 of banned books almost since it was published for language and violence. I figured "banned book; popular book I haven't read; time to read the book". There are lots of reasons to read a book: escapism, to learn, to visit another city or country. Sometimes, to walk in another's shoes. This book widened my perspective and caused me to think, to rethink some of my views

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