My Virtual Bookshelf - exciting TBR additions in March

Welcome to the list of books added to my TBR (to-be-read) list this month. Somehow I keep adding more than I read which is not giving me a net reduction in my list! But these all sound so good, how could I NOT add them? My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell Publish date March 2020, 384 pages Why I added this book: recommended by Sarah's Bookshelves and it sounds nice and twisted! Synopsis: a precocious yet naive teen girl and a manipulative teacher have an affair and years later she has to face what happened as accusations against him surface Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel Publish date March 2020, 320 pages Why I added this book: also recommended by Sarah's Bookshelves and equal

A family's secret may have harsh consequences in Florence Adler Swims Forever by Rachel Beanland

Florence Adler Swims Forever by Rachel Beanland Genre: Historical Fiction Published: DUE July 2020, 320 pages Thanks to #NetGalley and #SimonSchuster for the advance copy of this novel. All comments and opinions are my own. Historical fiction, family saga, secrets, and a little romance. This debut novel set in 1934 Atlantic City is the story of a family shocked by the death of a youngest daughter as she was training to swim the English Channel (not a spoiler, it's the premise of the whole book). Florence's older sister Fannie is in the hospital with a very high risk pregnancy so mom decides she can't know about her sister's death. Oh my, what a choice. I didn't know till reading the Author

SEVEN Mini Reviews for March - what a variety of books!

As is our custom, we're sharing some of the books we read this month that we want you to know about - each with just a quick review so you can dip your toes in to see if there's something you'd like to read. Have you read something different, something intriguing, something you wish you could talk to someone about? We'd love to have the conversation. Let's Talk Books! Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes Genre: SciFi, Classic Published 1958, 311 pages Terrie's Read Somehow I never read this in high school but it's been on my bookshelves for years, waiting. Thanks to this year's #ModernMrsDarcychallenge I finally read it for the "book published decade I was born". It still holds up after al

The Ten Thousand Doors of January: a young girl finds magical doors between worlds

The Ten Thousand Doors of January #1 by Alix E. Harrow Genre: Fantasy Published 2019, 374 pages I'm on a reading roll right now! I read this book right after finishing Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, another magic-based novel and wasn't prepared to read two such excellent books back to back! This book had me from the first couple sentences: "When I was seven, I found a door. I suspect I should capitalize that word, so you understand I'm not talking about your garden- or common-variety door that leads reliably to a white-tiled kitchen or bedroom closet. When I was seven, I found a Door. There - look how tall and proud the word stands on the page now, the belly of that D like a black archway le

Ready for an ADVENTURE? Here are 12 recommendations to get you started.

What do readers do when they are stressed, lonely, or have to stay home? We read. Then we read more. To me, it seems like the perfect time for an adventure. Here's a list of 12 recommended adventure reads from the big and dramatic to the quiet and somewhat tame. Most must-read lists heavily favor new releases, but this list includes lots of excellent back list books that you may have overlooked. In fact, maybe they're already on your own bookshelves! Let's go on an armchair adventure - where are you headed? ACTION, ACTION, ACTION ADVENTURES The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins Genre: YA Sci-Fi, Dystopian Published 2008, 374 pages Most of us know at least the broad strokes of the st

Dark magic flourishes on the Yale campus in Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Ninth House #1 by Leigh Bardugo Genre: Fantasy, Mystery Published 2019, 459 pages "Darlington was all about the pursuit of perfection, something spectacular. He didn't know how precious a normal life could be, how easy it was to drift away from average. You started sleeping until noon, skipped one class, one day of school, lost one job, then another, forgot the way that normal people did things. You lost the language of ordinary life." Alex, a high school drop out, a drug user, a young person on the fringe of society, survives a horrific violent murder attempt and while in the hospital is offered a surprising and amazing opportunity. A chance for a full ride to Yale. What's wrong with this p

Wednesday Web Wanderings #4

I hope you find something of interest in this random collection of links. Let me know what inspired you..... My Favorite Web Finds The finalists for this year's PEN/Faulkner award have been selected and the winner will be announced in early May. I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite bookish podcasts, Strong Sense of Place with Mel and David, two Americans who live in Prague. Each episode they recommend 5 books about a specific place as well as lots of informative tidbits about it. This week was Morocco - and I learned that the oldest library in the world is in Fez, Morocco! Read about it here. The watercolor art of Jonathan Wolstenholme expresses his love of old books and parapher

WWII historical fiction: The Lost Girls of Paris

The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff Genre: Historical Fiction Published 2019, 384 pages Based on true events, the author says this is a combination of characters and circumstances woven into a single narrative told in two timelines by three main characters, Marie, Eleanor, and Grace. The split time frame technique mostly works I think. It gives a real feeling of the period of the war and the British women who volunteered for very dangerous work helping the resistance in France vs the US shortly after the war. Creating a 'unit' of female radio operators and agents of subversion is Eleanor's brain child - she develops the program and recruits the women. Marie is the somewhat reluctant recru

Let's Get Personal

Today I'm taking a page from other bloggers I read and admire (#ModernMrsDarcy and #BooklistQueen and #SarahsBookshelves to name a few), where I realized that I enjoy reading their occasional personal posts....about their lives, not just what they're reading. So, for those who are interested in who the person behind the blog is, here's a bit about me. I think I'll make this a monthly check in and update what I'm musing about or what's new in my life. And if it strikes a chord with something in your life, let me know! I know there's a bit of information in the "About" page, but who reads those? So let's start this monthly feature off with five basic bio things: I'm married with two grown bo

Little Fires Everywhere is coming soon to TV - and what a drama it will be!

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng Genre: General Fiction Published 2017, 336 pages This story has it all: lies, secrets, young love, free spirits and straight-laced rule followers, a rebel and one who just wants to fit in. It's a character driven novel about motherhood, family, choices (sometimes hard ones) and running from your past and facing your future, and finally, the devastating results of misunderstandings and miscommunication. I wanted to read this before seeing the screen adaptation because books are almost always better than the screen version. After seeing it all over Instagram for the last couple years, I figured it was past time to pick it up. The premise is intriguing and

The Light Between Oceans is a heartbreaking historical fiction debut novel

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman Genre: Historical Fiction Awards - Several Australian awards Published 2012, 343 pages The bare bones premise of this debut novel is that a young newlywed couple, him just back from the war (1926), take up residence in a lighthouse off the coast of Australia - isolated and lonely. The wife has several miscarriages and with each one becomes more depressed. Then, a boat comes ashore with a dead man and a live baby. What do they do? This novel is fraught with moral dilemmas all stemming from the one decision made. It's easy to think you would or wouldn't make the same choices from the safety of your sofa, but in those circumstances, at that time? The pr

Buddy Read: We read the western classic, Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry Award: Pulitzer Prize Genre: Historical Fiction, Western Booklist Queen #13: makes you laugh & #47: own but haven't read; Popsugar20 challenge #37: western; Bookworm 2020 #31: over 600 pages Published 1985, 945 pages (!) Here's a quick side trip for you - take a look at McMurtry's home library and the book store he started years ago. It's impressive! Donna's Thoughts For those few people who haven’t read the book or seen the 1989 TV miniseries, Lonesome Dove is about two former Texas rangers on a cattle drive from Texas to Montana. Dove is my all-time favorite miniseries and I’ve seen it several times so I was very familiar with the story but had never read the

12 Must Read Books That Feature Animals

There are so many great books about animals or that have a strong animal character and we want to share some of our favorites with you. Donna and I put our heads together and came up with this selection of excellent books. On this and all our upcoming lists, we'll be featuring books we've actually read so we recommend them wholeheartedly. We've noticed that many Must Read book lists feature LOTS of new releases. That's great - it's fun to get excited about the shiny new book from a favorite author or one that's receiving lots of buzz. BUT, there's a place for those gems of back list titles as well - and that's what our lists will consist of..... many back list books that you can easily find

Books, romance, and small-town life in How To Find Love in a Bookshop

How to Find Love in a Bookshop, Veronica Henry Genre: General Fiction, Romance Published 2018, 352 pages When Emilia’s beloved father Julius dies, she inherits his bookshop, Nightingale Books, in a small English town. Grieving her father, Emilia tries to make a go of the bookshop. This was the most interesting part of the story for me - deciding what changes to make to the store while still keeping its charm. There are several intertwining stories involving other members of the town. There’s Sarah, the owner of lovely Peasebrook Manor with its beautiful gardens and perfect setting for weddings, including her daughter Alice’s upcoming wedding to Hank who might not be as ideal as she believes

Wednesday Web Wanderings #2

Saw some cool things on the web lately and hope you find one to tickle your fancy. Silly or informative, there's random info here for everyone. Here's a list of the 12 books most often referred by this blogging librarian. Surprisingly, I've not read any of them and, in fact, have only heard of one.....lots of new material here! Living in Seattle, I'm very well aware of the bike riding community - there are LOTS of cyclists in the area. Here's some recommended reading (fiction and non) for the cyclist in your life. It's nice to see the 'live greener' lifestyle showing up in the publishing world. Penguin Random House has made a major commitment and huge strides in achieving their goal of leavi

The Latecomers: deep love, mysticism, and challenges face a 60 year old couple

The Latecomers, Rich Marcello Genre: General Fiction (ARC) Published Jan 15, 2020, 294 pages I received this book as an ARC through #BookSirens - all opinons are my own. From the jacket copy it sounded interesting and something different for me. After reading it, I was right - it's definitely not something I usually gravitate toward. This is a love story of a 60-something couple at a crossroads. Deeply in love and happy in their relationship, Charlie develops a restlessness that sets them on a spiritual, emotional journey of exploration - both of their relationship and their purpose in life. Though it took me a few chapters to get into the writing style and story, I did stay with it and mos

February Round Up of 20 books read and reviewed

It's a short month and we read a LONG book that took up a lot of reading space, but we did manage to review 20 books that might lead you to your next great read or steer you away from something you decide isn't for you. In case you missed any of our reviews, the links are here for your convenience. This month I thought I'd list our book reviews by our star ratings instead of by publication order. Let me know if you prefer one way or the other. Our Buddy Read for February was the epic and extra-long Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. If you haven't read this classic yet, read our thoughts to help you decide if you want to tackle this one. 5-star reads this month: The Book Woman of Troublesome

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