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ARC (Advance reader copy) book reviews

Occasionally I get advance or free copies of books for review. I thought it might be helpful to put them all together in one list for easy perusal. Hopefully you'll find something here that you want to read. The image links to the review.

doctor glass book cover
witch in well.jpg
mother daughter traitor spy book review
alias emma review
spear thru water.jpg
nidderdale murder2.jpg
miss iceland
what it seems.jpg
couriers wife2.jpg
hester book review.jpg
ways we hide book review.jpg
i remember you book review
black sky
k team.jpg
city under one roof book cover
mini reviews nov'22.jpg
crime writer.jpg
the new neighbor review
moral fibre book review
the blackhouse book cover.jpg
mini arc oct 22.jpg
spells for forgetting.jpg
angel of goliad
blame game.jpg
florence adler.jpg
the only good indians
broken thing.jpg
how beautiful.jpg
murderous relation.jpg
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