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Reviews Alphabetically by Author

Barclay, Linwood

Elevator Pitch

A thriller where the elevators of New York are being sabotaged.

Barry, Dave

Lessons From Lucy

As humorist Dave Barry turns 70, he turns to his dog Lucy for an example of how to live a happy life - he talks about his dog's influence on him and the changes he's made in his life as a result of her gentle guidance.

Barton, Fiona

Widow (The)

Set in the UK, a man is accused of abducting and killing a little girl. Does his wife know what really happened?

Bauerschmidt, Tim

Driving Miss Norma

A 90 year old woman diagnosed with cancer takes an epic road trip instead of treatment. (mini review)

Beagle, Peter S.

Last Unicorn (The)

Told in a fairy tale style, this lyrical and haunting fantasy is about a unicorn leaving her magical world and searching the 'real' world for more of her kind.

Bleeker, Emily

What It Seems

A young woman escapes an abusive situation and tries to find herself while working with a YouTube family.

Box, C.J.

Open Season #1

Award winning first book with a game warden who discovers and solves a murder. (mini review)

Boyne, John

A Ladder to the Sky

The story of an aspiring writer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. (mini review)

Buxbaum, Julie

Tell Me Three Things

A YA story about a young girl's family changes & a move to CA where she doesn't fit in, until she makes a friend. (mini review)

Cameron, Bill

Lost Dog

A quickly paced novel about an 'average Joe' gets caught up in a murder investigation. (mini review)

Cameron, W. Bruce

Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog (The)

Historical fiction set in time of early tribal man and how one man befriends a wolf and it changes things forever.

Chamberlain, Diane

Pretending to Dance

As a couple is trying to adopt, a woman struggles with her past and her own adoptive mom. (mini review)

Charleyboy, Lisa


A profound book about the Indigenous Woman experience by Native American women.

Coates, Ta-Nehisis

Water Dancer (The)

A powerful story told in the first person about slavery and the underground railroad and strong family ties, all with a splash of magic.

Cohen, Jon

Harry's Trees

After his wife dies a man finds his way back to the world with the help of the woods, a little girl, and her treehouse.

Colgan, Jenny

Bookshop on the Corner (The)

A book about the love of books and the desire to match everyone with their perfect book is the basis for this charming story. This is the story of how a librarian becomes a literary book matchmaker.

Collins, Bridget

Binding (The)

Part historical fiction, part magical realism, this book has an unusual binders exist to capture your worst memories into a book. And then you no longer have them. Is that a good thing?

DeLos Santos, Marisa

Falling Together

Three college friends. Friends and family. Friends who are your family. Insightful writing capturing deep emotions of loss, love, heartbreak and rejoicing.

Dickens, Charles

A Christmas Carol

The classic story of Scrooge and his three spirits.

Dugoni, Robert

Damage Control

A woman's twin brother is murdered and her investigation leads to a Washington state senator. (mini review)

Dugoni, Robert

Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell (The)

Told from his perspective as a 40 year old man, Sam reflects on growing up different, being bullied, having faith & losing faith because he has red eyes.

Edwards, Gavin

World According to Tom Hanks (The)

An unauthorized biography about Hanks' life and movies and is full of his gentle humor.

Field, Sally

In Pieces

An autobiography/memoir by a well known actress sharing her inner thoughts and feelings.

Fletcher, C. A.

A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World

A dystopian story of a stolen dog and the adventures and hardships endured trying to rescue her.

Gaynor, Hazel

A Memory of Violets

Set in London in the late 1800s, this novel tells the story of a young woman who gets a housekeeping job at a home that attempts to help the orphaned girls that sell flowers on the street corners. Part light mystery, part light romance.

Gilstrap, John

Scorpion Strike #10

#10 in Jonathan Grave series: action packed thriller with Grave and partner held hostage on tropical island. (mini review)

Grippando, James

Most Dangerous Place

Lawyer Jack Swyteck (#13) helps a friend whose wife is accused of murder that occurred years ago. (mini review)

Grisham, John

Street Lawyer (The)

An up-and-coming attorney has an encounter with the homeless and his life changes.

Grisham, John

Innocent Man (The)

The true story of a few men falsely convicted and imprisoned in OK and how the justice system broke down. (mini review)

Grisham, John

Guardians (The)

Fiction, The Guardians is an organization that works to free wrongly convicted people.

Hart, John

Last Child (The)

A 13 year old boy searches for his missing twin when all the adults have given up.

Haruf, Kent

Our Souls at Night

A short, satisfying novel about senior citizen love and family. (mini review)

Hawley, Noah

Before the Fall

Eleven people board a private jet flying from Martha's Vineyard to NYC. When the plane crashes into the ocean, only two survive.

Heller, Peter

River (The)

An exciting adventure story about two college friends, a canoe trip, a forest fire and human danger.

Higashida, Naoki

Reason I Jump (The)

A 13 year old autistic boy writes answers to a series of questions trying to describe what he thinks and feels. (mini review)

Hinton, Anthony Ray

Sun Does Shine (The)

The autobiography of a man wrongly convicted and imprisoned for over 30 years.

Honeyman, Gail

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

A solitary woman with deep personal issues makes a friend and slowly finds her way into the world.

Hwang, David Henry

M. Butterfly

This play is a retelling, a reimagining of Madame Butterfly with a couple major twists.

Ingalls, Rachel

Mrs. Caliban

A lonely woman in a troubled marriage meets and has an affair with a large, green, 'frog' man. (mini review)

Ishiguro, Kazuo

Never Let Me Go

A sci fi novel where clones are created specifically and only for organ donations.