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Agatha Award Winners

       i did the Research so you don't have to!

Award given to mystery and crime writers who write in cozy mystery sub-genre (no sex/violence, amateur detective)in six categories: Contemporary Novel, First Mystery, Historical Novel, Short Story, Nonfiction, YA Mystery. Award is given in May for works published the previous calendar year. This list is of the winners in the Contemporary Novel category.  (I'm working on adding them all)

** Books I've read are in bold, reviewed books are bold and purple.

cajun kiss of death

2021 - Cajun Kiss of Death #7, Ellen Byron, 320 pages


 Maggie has to help her mom and good friend avoid murder charges when an arrogant celebrity chef winds up dead.

2020 - All The Devils Are Here #16, Louise Penny, 439 pages

Inspector Gamache series #16 - Instead of the usual setting of Three Pines, the locale moves to Paris as Gamache tries to find the killer and reason behind his Godfather's murder.     

the long call

2019 - The Long Call #1, Ann Cleeves, 376 pages

Two Rivers #1 - new  series led by a unique detective: a gay man in a long-term relationship, raised in a strict evangelical home and estranged from his family who returns home at his father's funeral to become embroiled in solving a murder  

AA mardi gras.jpg

2018 - Mardi Gras Murder, Ellen Byron, 304 pages

Cajun Country #4 - B&B owner Maggie is back in action as a flood, murder, and unusual mardi gras all come together at her southern plantation B&B

AA glass.jpg

2017 - Glass Houses #13 Gamache, Louise Penny, 391 pages

Inspector Gamache #13 - Mysterious figure appears in the village but doesn't do anything, then disappears. Months later a trial for murder begins and Gamache must struggle with his conscience.

AA reckoning.jpg

2016 - A Great Reckoning #12 Gamache, Louise Penny, 391 pages

Also Anthony winner, Inspector Gamache #12 - An old mysterious map, cadets at the academy, a dead professor, a stained glass window with terrible secrets; Gamache becomes a suspect as he struggles to find answers.

2015 - Long Upon the Land, Margaret Maron, 320 pages

Deborah Knott #20 - Judge Knott married to local sheriff, investigates a death over a land dispute where Knott helps to clear her brothers and father from suspicion.

2014 - Truth be Told, Hank Phillippi Ryan, 400 pages

Jane Ryland #3 - A reporter finds the truth behind a home eviction scheme while her police partner is dealing with a confession to a 20 year old crime that he thinks is a lie.

2013 - The Wrong Girl, Hank Phillippi Ryan, 368 pages

Jane Ryland #2 - Reporter Jane and cop boyfriend become embroiled in a murder, the foster care system, and an agency that's falsifying info.

2012 - The Beautiful Mystery #8, Louise Penny, 390 pages

Also Anthony & Audie winner, Inspector Gamache #8 - Though they've taken a vow of silence, cloistered monks are renowned for their choir; choir director is murdered and Inspector Gamache discovers the disquiet underneath the silence.

2011 - Three-Day Town, Margaret Maron, 288 pages

Deborah Knott #17 - Judge Deborah and new husband sheriff Dwight go to NYC for a getaway, encounter a murder & work with local cops to find killer.

2010 - Bury Your Dead #6, Louise Penny, 371 pages

Also Anthony winner, Inspector Gamache #6 - Though on leave, Gamache is embroiled in murder in Quebec City and receiving letters from Three Pines regarding a local friend who has been convicted of murder.

2009 - The Brutal Telling #5, Louise Penny, 372 pages

Also Anthony winner, Inspector Gamache #5 - A murder in the Three Pines bistro calls Gamache back to town where he discovers secrets and all clues seem to lead back to beloved local owner.

2008 - The Cruelest Month #4, Louise Penny, 310 pages

Inspector Gamache #3 - Three Pines villagers celebrate Easter with a séance where someone dies - helped along? Gamache is called to investigate in a town where secrets are more dangerous than they seem.

2007 - A Fatal Grace #3, Louise Penny, 311 pages

Inspector Gamache #2 - Disliked woman is murdered by electrocution in the middle of a frozen lake, in front of the entire town; Gamache discovers dangerous secrets in the town and more self discoveries.

2006 - The Virgin of Small Plains, Nancy Pickard, 335 pages

During a blizzard a naked, frozen body of young girl is found and in 20 yrs following her death, strange miracles happen but when a man returns home after 15 yrs he finds simmering tensions and powerful men feeling threatened; three families and three friends find their lives altered in one night and now must face consequences.

2005- The Body in the Snowdrift, Katherine Hall Page, 336 pages

Faith Fairchild #15 - Caterer Faith and her family celebrate father-in-law's birthday but one catastrophe after another puts lives in danger; disappearance, break in, sabotage of a chairlift, and more.

2004 - Birds of a Feather, Jacqueline Winspear, 320 pages

Maisie Dobbs #2 - 1930 Maisie hired to find runaway heiress and when three of heiress' s friends are found dead, Maisie must figure out who wants to kill respectable young women; answer lies in agony of Great War.

2003 - Letter From Home, Carolyn Hart, 272 pages

World renowned journalist tries not to think of her past but when she gets letter from home, memories return of people she knew and loved and the summer that her life changed forever.

2002 - You've Got Murder, Donna Andrews, 304 pages

Turing Topper #1 - AI personality is in a panic; her creator has missed work and she's worried. Unlike other AI, she's sentient and she senses foul play; though her deduction is perfect, it'll take more than that to catch a criminal.

2001 - Murphy's Law - Rhys Bowen, 226 pages

Molly Murphy #1 - When Molly kills in self defense, she escapes to NYC but then is a suspect in a murder after landing in NYC; she must clear her name or be sent back to Ireland and certain jail.

2000 - Storm Track, Margaret Maron, 304 pages

Deborah Knott #7 - Judge Knott is up for reelection but hurricane is on track to hit the county. A prominent wife has been killed and killer thinks hurricane is perfect time to strike again.

mariners compass

1999 - Mariner's Compass #6, Earlene Fowler, 336 pages

Benni Harper #6 -  Benni inherits a house and contents from an unknown benefactor that requires her to stay in the house for 2 weeks where she discovers she must confront things from her past

butchers hill

1998 - Butchers Hill #3, Laura Lippman, 275 pages

Tess Monaghan #3 - also an Anthony award winner - a newly minted PI, Tess's first case is a complex one involving racial issues and murdered children

devil in music

1997 - The Devil in Music #4 , Kate Ross, 537 pages

Julian Kestrel #4 - a British amateur sleuth is traveling in Italy and becomes intrigued by the murder of an aristocrat and the disappearance of his protege; the aristocrat's beautiful widow is another reason to help solve the murder.

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