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Let's talk books! 

There are SO many books in the world and none of us can read them all. We each use a different criteria when we look for and choose a new book. What makes a book sound interesting to you? That the story is character driven? Something set in a different country? A sweeping family saga? Are you a specific genre reader?  


Many book blogs focus on a specific, single genre. It's all romance all the time, or only fantasy, mystery, whatever. I considered doing that. But, that's not me. I read more widely than that and figured there must be others out there who also read a variety of genres. You're my people. You're who I'm writing for. 

My sister will be joining me as a regular contributor on this book journey and I'd love for you to share about books you're reading and loving too.  Consider submitting a review (see the submission policy tab), or just leaving a comment. There's always room for more input on good books! 


Knowing that everyone’s reading tastes are different, I none-the-less offer my opinions on books I'm reading with the hope that you might find my thoughts helpful in determining what you might like to read or add to that growing TBR (to be read) stack. I'll share bookish things I like (or don’t like) and anything I think will be of interest.

I live in the greater Seattle area, and I'm an avid reader.

Hi - I'm Terrie

Since this is a blog about reading and books, I'll start with that - I read a wide variety of genres - everything from mysteries and thrillers (probably my default genre) but also literary fiction, horror, historical fiction and fantasy. I particularly like books set in other countries and cultures. I almost never read romance or political nonfiction.

I'm one of those people who always has a book nearby...I read at mealtimes, while waiting in line or at the doctor's, before bed, and sometimes even while stuck in traffic! I usually have a book going on Kindle that I read on my phone in places where I don't have a paper book with me; I listen to audio on my commute (trying to decide if I really like that format); and, of course, a book - most often from the library but I also have plenty that I buy at discount sources filling my bookshelves. There's something to be said about not having to rush to return a book by a due date.

On a personal note, I'm a wife of 40 years, mom to two grown sons, a fledgling urban sketcher, love to travel and will play a game at the drop of a hat!

Meet my sister, below, who will be a regular contributor to the site. We'll do monthly Buddy Reads and jointly share our thoughts and, since she's such a prolific reader, she'll share the occasional review of something great she's read. Be sure to watch for her reviews!

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Hi - I'm Donna

My whole family are readers. I can't remember a time when reading wasn't one of my greatest pleasures. In general, I read in the neighborhood of 100+ books a year, and I wish it was more! Like Terrie, I don't care much for romances or political books, although I've read a few of both. Mysteries, fantasy, general fiction, and autobiographies are my go-to reads, with a few western, horror, and sci-fi thrown in. Though I certainly do buy some books, the library is my friend - I use the request/hold service all the time.

I'm single with no children. In addition to reading I love Elvis, the Seahawks, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

I'd love it if you'd explore the site then let me know what you think - I'm open to all feedback. Do you agree or disagree with my point of view? And for goodness sake - please feel free to share any and all book suggestions. I'd love it!

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