My 5-Star Books

4 stars

Forty Elephants (The)

Bledsoe, Erin

Inspired by the life of Alice Diamond, thief extraordinaire, in 1920s London and the first gang of women thieves she created.

4 stars

Snow Child (The)

Ivey, Eowyn

An older, childless couple move to a homestead in Alaska, build a small snow-girl who seems to come to life.

4 stars

Dark Hours (The) #23 Bosch

Connelly, Michael

Night shift detective Ballard is working two cases: a murder that relates to a Bosch cold case, and a pair of serial rapists. (audio)

4 stars

Honor Among Thieves #1

Caine, Rachel

A rebellious teenage girl is selected to be an Honor and explore the universe with Leviathan, a sentient 'ship' until she discovers there's a big secret about the program.

4 stars

Prisoner (The)

Paris, B.A.

Woman suddenly marries a billionaire but discovers she's afraid of him - and then they're kidnapped and has to figure out what's going on and who can help her. (ARC - mini review)

3.5 stars

They Believed They Were Safe

Biddle, Cordlia Francis

A graduate student boarding with an older couple struggles with her past, the man she's dating, and what her future holds in a town full of secrets. (ARC - mini review)

2.5 stars


Crouch, Blake

Against the rules, a man is injected with an Upgrade that improves his physical and mental capabilities making him uniquely able to save the world.

3 stars

Before the Coffee Gets Cold #1

Kawaguchi, Toshikazu

A magical coffee shop that can help you time travel to a specific date but with the caveat that nothing you do or say will change the future and that you must return before your coffee gets cold. (mini review)

4 stars

Beached Ones (The)

Story, Colleen

A paranormal story of two brothers and the older one's efforts to keep a promise to the younger amid increasingly confusing memories and events.

4 stars

Witch in the Well (The)

Bruce, Camilla

The story of three women: two in modern times who want to write about the witch in the town's history. There's a touch of magical realism as we learn the witch's story in flashbacks. (ARC)

4.5 stars


Albanese, Laurie

A creative novel about the woman who inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne's book Scarlet Letter. (ARC)