My 5-Star Books

4 stars

Night Bird (The)

Freeman, Brian

A thriller about a psychiatrist whose innovative therapy connects several women who have bizarrely taken their own lives.

3.5 stars

Ella Minnow Pea

Dunn, Mark

Quick and clever, this little story is creative in it's telling about a community that is forced to quit using certain letters in reading or at a time.

3.5 stars

Rapid Falls

Cowie, Amber

Two sisters, a high school tragedy, a big secret, twisted, tangled lives are good bones for a thriller.

2.5 stars

Last Shot

Feinstein, John

A YA novel about a couple of teens who solve a mystery during the Final Four college basketball tournament.

4 stars

Obelisk Gate (The)

Jemisin, J.K.

The second installment of the complex, intriguing fantasy in an alternate world where some people have the ability to control the earth.

3.5 stars

End of Your Life Book Club (The)

Schwalbe, Will

This memoir shares memories Schwalbe has of the end of his mom's life as she battled cancer - and the books they read together and how they connected over books.

4 stars

Assassin's Apprentice

Hobb, Robin

A fantasy set in medieval England where a royal bastard is trained to be an assassin for the king.

4 stars

Calculating Stars (The)

Kowal, Mary Robinette

A huge meteorite strike causes climate change on Earth in 1950s and women 'calculators' help rush the space program as humans search for a way off the planet.

4 stars

Night Tiger (The)

Choo, Yangsze

Set in 1930s Malaysia, an orphan boy, a struggling young woman who works at a dance hall, a couple of white doctors find their lives intertwining with a touch of magical realism.

3 stars

Such a Fun Age

Reid, Kiley

A timely story of the fallout after a 20-something black woman black woman babysitting a white toddler is accused by a store security guard of kidnapping.

3 stars

Tattooist of Auschwitz (The)

Morris, Heather

A young Jewish man is sent to Auschwitz and becomes the primary tattooist, falls in love, struggles to survive.

4 stars

Don't Tell a Soul

Rosenfelt, David

A strong thriller about an innocent good guy who gets framed for murder.

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