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My 5-Star Books

3 stars

Bird Artist (The)

Norman, Howard

Newfoundland 1911 - a quiet story of a murder and the effects on a small community.

4 stars

A Gathering of Shadows #2

Schwab, V.E.

Three Londons connected by magic; a grand Elements Games of magic.

4 stars

Henna Artist (The)

Joshi, Alka

The story of a young woman's struggles to make her own way and live an independent life in Jaipur, India.

4.5 stars

Jeweler of Stolen Dreams (The)

Rose, M.L.

Dual timeline story of a woman who can 'read' stories from objects who finds jewelry from the 1940s that originally belonged to Jews. Loosely based on true. ARC

5 stars


Zamora, Javier

The memoir of a 9-year old El Salvadoran boy's journey to try to join his parents in the US.

3.5 stars

Thirteen Hours #2

Meyer, Deon

Several high profile crimes happen in one day and the main detective is pulled so many directions, he's not sure he can solve any of them. (mini review)

4 stars

Lock Every Door

Sager, Riley

A young woman takes a job as an apartment sitter in an exclusive apartment building - then strange things begin to happen. (mini review)

4 stars

It Girl (The)

Ware, Ruth

The popular "it" girl is murdered in college; 10 years later her best friend learns new information that causes her to investigate further.

4.5 stars

Murder at Haven's Rock #1

Armstrong, Kelley

The first in a new series as the main characters from the Rockton series attempt to build a new town. (ARC)

3.5 stars

Fish Swimming in Dappled Sunlight

Onda, Riku

A quiet mystery that takes place over the course of one night, translated from Japanese.

4 stars

A Monster Calls

Ness, Patrick

A young boy's mom is dying of cancer and his dreams and the tree monster help him come to terms with his mom's situation. mini review

3.5 stars

World We Make (The)

Jemisin, N.K.

Second book in duology about living cities, specifically NYC trying to stay alive with the representatives from each borough bringing their strength. mini review

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