My 5-Star Books

5 stars

House in the Cerulean Sea (The)

Klune, TJ

A fantasy story to make you laugh and cry as a lonely man inspects an orphanage filled with magical children and somehow finds the meaning in his life.


A History of Loneliness

Boyne, John

An Irish priest's faith is tested as he has to confront the problems and secrets within the Catholic Church.

3.5 stars

Anxious People

Backman, Fredrik

A group of people at an open house find themselves held hostage by a bank robber - and secrets are revealed as the day progresses.

4 stars

Sorcery of Thorns

Rogerson, Margaret

This YA Fantasy is filled with magic and magical books and an 18 year old librarian who finds herself fighting for her life and to save the libraries.

4.5 stars


Miller, Madeline

A retelling of the Greek demi-god Circe filled with Olympians, Titans, adventure, and Gods misbehaving!

4 stars

Gilded Ones (The)

Forna, Namina

YA Fantasy at its best. To save her life, a young woman is recruited to an all female army for the king. A coming-of-age story with a strong heroine and lots of action.

5 stars

Huntress (The)

Quinn, Kate

After the war, a small group of Nazi hunters find a woman they've been searching for for years and their search leads them to America. Told in 2 story lines: WWII and present day as the hunters get closer to The Huntress.

2.5 stars

Fifty Things That Aren't My Fault

Guisewite, Cathy

A series of essays by the creator of the Cathy cartoon about her life as her daughter goes off to college and her parents are aging.

4 stars

A Caller's Game

Barker, JD

A thriller where a shock disc jockey is challenged on air to a deadly game and there's only one cop on hand to stop the game.

3.5 stars

The Stone Sky

Jemisin, N.K.

The last in the fantasy trilogy is a worthy wrap-up of the creative mix of fantasy and sci-fi.

4 stars

The Lager Queen of Minnesota

Stradal, J. Ryan

A family saga featuring several generations of women who forge their own way.