My 5-Star Books

4 stars

Still Life #1

Penny, Louise

The start of the award winning series about Inspector Gamache and his team of detectives set in small town Three Pines, Canada. The first book opens with the murder of a well-loved resident of the town.

4 stars

Whisper Man, The

North, Alex

A father and his young son move to a small town to start over and the son is threatened by a serial killer.

4 stars

Keepers #2, The

Burton, Jeffrey B

Edgar winner, Mace and his highly trained dogs are back and get caught up in the dangerous corrupt political powers in Chicago.

4 stars


Clarke, Susanna

The story of a man who lives in an alternate reality of a labyrinth of rooms and develops an intricate internal life.

3 stars

Son of a Trickster #1

Robinson, Eden

Indigenous COA story about a young boy and his mom who does magic spells; a grim depiction of Native life and the magic makes a late appearance in the story.

4 stars

Who Is Maud Dixon?

Andrews, Alexandra

A young woman becomes the assistant to a reclusive author and only one survives a car crash - which one? A slow start but very twisty and surprising.

2.5 stars

Skyward Inn

Whiteley, Aliya

This slow paced, quiet prose book deals with the coexistence of humans and aliens in post-apocalyptic UK.

4 stars

Defense, The

Cavanagh, Steve

A conman turned lawyer must pull out all his old tricks to save his daughter from the local Mafia Don.

3 stars

Unquiet Dead, The

Khan, Ausma Zehanat

A special detective team that usually investigates Muslim related crimes is assigned to investigate an apparent suicide by a Bosnian war criminal.

3 stars

Normal People

Rooney, Sally

Spare prose tells story of shy rich girl and popular boy as they move from friends to romance and back again through high school and college.

5 stars

House in the Cerulean Sea (The)

Klune, TJ

A fantasy story to make you laugh and cry as a lonely man inspects an orphanage filled with magical children and somehow finds the meaning in his life.

3.5 stars

A History of Loneliness

Boyne, John

An Irish priest's faith is tested as he has to confront the problems and secrets within the Catholic Church.