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Beat the Backlist Challenge 2022

I wasn't going to do a challenge this year, but then I came across the Beat the Backlist (BTB) challenge on the book blog Booksophobia and it's JUST what I need to deal with my out of control TBR list. It's super easy, no-pressure, no specific goals involved except what you set for yourself. Right up my alley. AND, Austine (the hostess/creator) has a link in Storygraph where you can link to specific books on your TBR and Storygraph will track your progress! I love that. So, of course, I joined. And linked to Storygraph.


Austine has provided some bonus prompts for those of you (like me) that like a specific reason to pull out a certain book - here's her list of prompts to help you, if you want. There's no sign up form or anything, but if you participate, she'd appreciate a shout-out and link to her blog. Use the hashtag #BeatTheBacklist when writing about the challenge.


Remember, first and foremost, I look at challenges as a gateway to new reading paths, a fun way to nudge me in a new direction with my reading. It's not a competition and if I don't finish, I don't care; but, I'm going to give it a shot! Are you inspired to join me?  If this one doesn't appeal to you, here's a comprehensive list of reading challenges.

Here's where I'll track my efforts to read from my TBR list. Completed books will be in bold with a cover image and links to the reviews will be bold and purple

2 people on the cover

Berlin Girl (The), 400 pages - read 6/12/22

A young cub reporter is assigned to Berlin at the rise of Naziism. - on my TBR since 11/20 (and on my Kindle!)

a land more kind than home

6+ words in the title

A Land More Kind Than Home, 325 pages

A 9 year old boy suffers tragedy and loss in 1980s North Carolina. - on my TBR since 12/15 (and on my Kindle!)

reading list

a book about books

The Reading List, 384 pages

My first 5 star read in 2022; a moving and excellent story about the power of friendship, found family, reading and books - on my TBR since 10/21

so you want to talk about race

a book in a genre never/rarely read

So You Want to Talk About Race, 248 pages

Enlightening, eye-opening, surprising, informative, this book changed my perspective on some very important issues - on my TBR since 8/20

beach read

a book set in the season I read it

Beach Read, 384 pages

A romance between two authors who have writer's block and make a bet to write a book in the other's genre (romance vs literary fiction).       on my TBR since 12/20

five quarters of orange

a book about food or with food in title

Five Quarters of the Orange, 307pages

on my TBR since 6/17 (and on my bookshelf!)

sold on a monday

about or inspired by a historical event

Sold on a Monday, 344 pages

on my TBR since 8/19 (and on my Kindle!)

we are completely besideourselves

unusual or unexpected pet

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, 310 pages

on my TBR since 10/16

a dark lure

author has first, middle, and last name on book cover

A Dark Lure, 418 pages - read 4/10/22

A woman surviving abduction and abuse tries to create a new life on a remote ranch until her old life finds her again.

havana fever

author has active podcast or youtube channel

Havana Fever, 285 pages  (adjusted to "learned of from podcast")

on my TBR since 3/21

long bright river

book about siblings

Long Bright River, 285 pages  -  read 3/23/22

Sisters: one a cop, one an addict and when the addict goes missing, the cop pulls out all the stops to find her  - on my TBR since 3/21

to say nothing of the dog

book featuring time travel

To Say Nothing of the Dog, 493 pages  

 on my TBR since 7/11

guest list

book with chapter names

The Guest List, 330 pages  - read 8/8/22


An exclusive wedding on a remote island, a storm, a murder.  (on my TBR since 6/20)

honor among thieves

written for an age group I don't belong to (YA)

Honor Among Thieves, 480 pages  

A YA story as a rebellious young woman travels space on an alien life form, sentient spaceship. on my TBR since 6/18

lion, witch & wardrobe

classic novel

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, 206 pages  - read 9/10/22

Children's magical classic that somehow I never read.     on my TBR since 8/21

wife between us

by two or more authors

The Wife Between Us, 346 pages  

on my TBR since 11/20

dog stars

debut novel

The Dog Stars, 336 pages  - read 3/16/22

A dystopian tale of two men and their uneasy friendship; one is a pilot and in scouting the area finds others alive.  (my TBR since 12/19)

people we meet on vacation

discovered through social media

The People We Meet on Vacation, 364 pages  - read 5/5/22

Light and frivolous story of "friends turned lovers" but it takes FORever!  

on my TBR since 10/21

cabin at the end of the world

everyone has read but me

Cabin at the End of the World, 272 pages  - read 8/29/22

A vacationing family is held hostage by a group of end-of-the-world believers.

on my TBR since 12/19  (on my bookshelf!)

i was anastasia

features royalty

I Was Anastasia, 352 pages  

on my TBR since 6/18

jade legacy

finish a series

Jade Legacy #3, 716 pages  

on my TBR since 8/19

jade city

first in a series I've been putting off

Jade City  #1, 560 pages  - read 4/16/22

Though it took me a bit to settle in, this epic story of battling clans, family strife, and political maneuverings became fascinating  - on my TBR since 8/19

we are all welcome here

forgotten on bookshelf or e-reader

We Are All Welcome Here, 206 pages - read 4/8/22 

A heart-tugging story of a woman in a wheelchair trying to raise her daughter and the black woman who is their "help" but also family  - on my TBR since 12/15  (and on my Kindle)


indie or self-published

Angelfall, 284 pages  

on my TBR since 1/21

the push

filled with family secrets

The Push, 320 pages  

on my TBR since 1/21

women of chateau lafayette

over 500 pages

The Women of Chateau Lafayette, 576 pages  - read 6/1/22

Based on meticulous research, three strong women in three timelines: the French revolution, WWI and WWII.   on my TBR since 9/20

long way home

murder, mystery, or both

The Long Way Home #10, 384 pages  - read 3/25/22

Although retired, inspector Gamache and his team help a friend find her husband  -

on my TBR since 9/19

picture of mushroom on cover

TBD   -   suggestions?

broken for you

new to you author

Broken For You, 373 pages  -read 1/13/22

A lonely elderly lady and a young woman with a broken heart become friends and found family  - on my TBR since 4/15 (on my Kindle!)

love with a chance of drownig


Love With a Chance of Drowning, 352 pages  - read 9/27/22

Woman overcomes her fears to take sail across the Pacific Ocean.  on my TBR since 1/14

swallowed man


The Swallowed Man, 176 pages - read 1/2/22

A mash-up story of Jonah and the Whale and Pinocchio, in an interesting way. 

on my TBR since 11/21

precious one

number in the title

The Precious One, 360 pages  

on my TBR since 7/17


one word title

Fled,  408 pages  

on my TBR since 10/19 (on my Kindle)


picked by a celebrity book club

Conviction,  376 pages  

on my TBR since 12/19 (on my bookshelf!)

love in color

poetry or anthology

Love in Color,  288 pages  - read 3/30/22

Short story of reimagined myths from around the world filled with empowered women.

on my TBR since 10/21

lies of locke lamora

protagonist has a profession that twists the truth

The Lies of Locke Lamora #1,  512 pages  

on my TBR since 11/21

if you tell

published in the month I was born (December)

If You Tell,  410 pages  

on my TBR since 11/19  (on my Kindle!)

reading for research or general interest


jade war

second or fourth book in series

Jade War #2,  590 pages  - read 4/30/22

Lots happened in this second installment to move the story along - more clan shenanigans, more political stuff, and some surprising character growth.  - on my TBR since 8/19

project hail mary

set in space or in/on the ocean

Project Hail Mary  476 pages  - read 4/7/22

Like The Martian with lots of math and science, but a more engaging storyline this time.

on my TBR since 7/21

bull mountain

set in the mountains

Bull Mountain  320 pages -  read 4/13/22

A family of moonshiners has one brother that becomes a cop in the nearby small town and when the FBI wants to bring down his brother, it causes problems.

on my TBR since 7/20 (on my Kindle!)

island of sea women

set on an island

The Island of Sea Women,  384 pages  

on my TBR since 6/19 (on my bookshelf!)


story centered around a real or imaginary holiday

A Christmas Memory,  48 pages  

on my TBR since 1/20


superheros/villans or features character in disguise

Hench,  416 pages  - read 7/23/22

Superheroes and villains and the hench (henchman) that helps win the 'war'.  (on my TBR since 12/20)

storytellers secret

title is an alliteration

The Storyteller's Secret,  370 pages  -  read 4/12/22

A woman whose marriage is precarious goes to India to find her heritage and learn about her mom's secretive childhood.     on my TBR since 8/18 

murmur of bees

translated into English

The Murmur of Bees,  476 pages 

on my TBR since 4/20

at the wolf's table

'wolf' or 'star' in title

At the Wolf's Table,   275 pages 

on my TBR since 11/19 (on my bookshelf!)

lost apothecary

featuring women in science, real or fictional

The Lost Apothecary,  310 pages 

on my TBR since 3/21

you watched the show/movie before reading the book

dog on it

favorite animal on the cover (real or fictional)

Dog On It,  305 pages    (maybe - might change my mind)

on my TBR since 6/17

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