2020 Booklist queen reading challenge

First and foremost, I look at challenges as a gateway to new reading paths, a way to nudge me in a new direction with my reading. It's not a competition and if I don't finish, I don't care; but, I'm going to give it a shot! Are you inspired to join me?


Rachael at The Booklist Queen has just rebranded her blog and is focusing on providing reading list ideas galore. Her reading challenge list is LONG (52 categories for a book a week) and full of ideas.....not sure how many I'll get through, but I'll track it here. As she reminds us, her goal is to inspire people to read more, just one more book - but whether you read 12 books or all 52, the goal is to enjoy reading.

Here's where I'll track my efforts to complete the challenge in 2020. I'll be double dipping some of the books that will also fit categories in other challenges. I started by taking the lists and perusing my own bookshelves to see what I already own that will fit the challenge. Then, as I search the forums for ideas, I watch for books I know are already on my TBR list. Finally, I fill in with books totally new-to-me. Completed books will be in bold with a cover image and links to the reviews.  (AOC, author of color) 

4 - published in the 1920s:

5 - by an AOC (author of color):

8 - title with 5 or more words:

10 - book with a clever title:

Never-Open Desert Diner (The) by James Anderson  

a quiet book of an ordinary man living a solitary life as a trucker until he meets a mysterious woman and gets embroiled in her life

11 - a short story collection:

13 - book that makes you laugh:

18 - NY Times #1 best seller:

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

a thought provoking look at family, motherhood and an adoption issue that affects the neighborhood as well as indivuals

20 - a genre I don't usually read:

22 - book from the bottom of my TBR:

23 - a beach read:

I'll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos

the storylines of Edith and Clare are very different and yet converge in a surprising way as each struggle to find their path

24 - book everyone is talking about:

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson  - a story of the horseback librarians of Kentucky and an outside 'blue' woman who joins their ranks

25 - recommended by a family member:

Never-Open Desert Diner (The) by James Alexander 

a quiet story about a quiet man who finds himself in the midst of a mystery when he falls for a beautiful, mysterious woman

27 - about a controversial subject:

28 - by an indie author:

32 - next book in a series:

Binti trilogy by Nnedi Okorafor 

sci fi about a young woman who leaves Earth to go to college and ends up finding her strength and facing her fears

33 - nonfiction about a topic I love:

34 - middle grade fiction:

35: recommended by local librarian:

37 - book that will make me smarter:

39 - book I haven't read by an author I love:

Eighth Sister (The) by Robert Dugoni  

a 60+ year old ex-spy comes out of retirement and gets involved with Russian espionage, his family is threatened, there's a surprising friendship and a wonderful legal tussle

40 - book with a color in the title:

42 - has a hideous cover:

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

part sci-fi, part historical fiction as a young woman time travels back to the 1300s England and ends up in the midst of the bubonic plague  (the cover on my book is uglier than this!)

44 - about politics:

45 - by a local author:

Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell (The) by Robert Dugoni 

The coming of age story of a boy, his family, and his community as they deal with devastating losses

47 - book I own but haven't read:

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry  - our Buddy Read for Feb'20

the classic, epic western

48 - re-read a favorite book:

49 - a 2020 new release:

51 - book I saw someone reading:

52 - self improvement book:

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